Zoom Rooms Session #30




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In this talk we discuss…
How’s everyone doing? Lisa and her husband live in a camper now. Hamilton Pool.
Peggy Hall’s interview with Dean Ryan. Covid staff and the elections. Covid vaccine.
So much and so overwhelming information. How can people still believe it?
There are lots going on in Georgia with the elections. Election as a distraction. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
Curfew in New York and Chicago. Level 4 lockdown. Enforcing new rules. Working as a cop.
Moving to other platforms as consumers of content. Boycotting YouTube and Amazon. Real voting is with your money.
“Social Dilemma” movie on Netflix. Identifying the things in our lives that we don’t want to support anymore.
Connecting with the actual people and helping them through the Academy.
Local support groups. What could we do together? Robert LaVoy shot to death by the police and other cases like that.
Tactics vs strategy. War of ideas. Creating a better world.
What are the chances that Trump is gonna overcome the voting fraud and actually get in into office?