Zoom Rooms Session #3 – May 14, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Meeting with your family and being done with social distancing.
Using the EHA website and Zoom app on your phone.
Meeting with people. Wearing masks. Being scared.
James Redfield’s books: The Celestine Prophecy, The Secret of Shambhala.
Learning from Dr. Bergman D.C.
Possible audio versions of all the EHA videos that could be downloaded too.
Censorship on Youtube and putting all Dr. Bergman’s D.C. videos to the Academy eventually.
Coronavirus cases, unemployment, printing money, closing businesses.
Should healthy people wear masks.
Going back to work and opening businesses.
Jody thinks life is too short to act like we don’t know each other and distance from our family.
The “Plandemic” documentary featuring Judy Mikovits.
BitChute, LBRY, using code words – so the films don’t get a red flag. Videos being removed from Youtube.
Mark Zuckerberg bans organizing local meetup groups on Facebook and also hired like 100 000 people to battle the memes
that are anti-Trump, anti-establishment, anti-coronavirus, and so on.
Watching TV and the news and being more afraid of coronavirus and also more controlled by the government.
Gerson Therapy for cancer and other alternative therapies. Using an infrared sauna and taking good care of yourself.
Saving food for the rainy day
Buying on Amazon vs supporting the company. Supporting Google.
UV light, quartz glass, and wearing blue light blocking glasses.
Running across people with the same opinions as you.
Dr. Massey, ultraviolet blood treatment, and how to find places offering that in your area.
The Bob Beck Protocol – drinking ozonated water, blood electrification, colloidal silver. Wiping all viruses.
Peroxide therapy, UBI therapy, ionic silver, how does SilverLungs Silver Generator work. Nasal and oral
administration and spraying silver on you.
Making your own silver. Basic nebulizer which is really small and works on battery. Portable nebulizer.
Lung problems. Formula and dilution of magnesium, glutathione, and hydrogen peroxide.
Our bodies were designed to heal ourselves. It’s never too late to start taking care of your health.
It’s scary for Tina that if you aren’t super educated and go to doctors and hospitals they will just do anything to you.
Tina’s husband fell off a ladder and she successfully treated him with homeopathic remedies.
Morley Robbins – the mineral expert. Type of glutathione Justin used. MagBicarb – Activated Magnesium Bicarbonate – Jody uses. You can’t have too much magnesium.
Hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, and magnesium chloride therapy. DMSO gel and Alpha Omega Labs Bloodroot Paste.
Justin online and a possibility to connect and chat with members through Zoom.
“The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield
“The Secret of Shambhala” by James Redfield
Thrive Market – an online membership-based store with organic food
Dr. John Bergman D.C. on BitChute
LBRY – the first digital marketplace controlled by the market’s participants
ACAM – American College for Advancement in Medicine – find a practitioner near you
ICIM – International College of Integrative Medicine – find a practitioner in your area
Herb Healers – a website for Alpha Omega Labs
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