Zoom Rooms Session #29




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In this talk we discuss…
Another lockdown in the UK. Flu cases. The situation during Covid Pandemic. Talking to family and friends about it.
How is Tawnja doing. Talking to people about Covid. Arguments. People like to be ruled.
A scaler device neutralizing radiation made by Tawnja. What is Ormus.
Vicky’s husband has a white coating on his tongue and she thinks she has a fungus on her big toe.
How to donate blood if the Red Cross won’t accept it.
What can Vicky do about the fungus on her foot?
Does everybody have candida?
DMSO and its function.
Michelle is building a house and trying to create a healthy environment for her family and vaccine-damaged son.
Brown’s gas machine. Water that is good for drinking. Using protocols and schedules for your health.
Larry is on the Root Cause Protocol. Donating blood during Covid times.
Beck’s problem with the Forums after upgrading the software. Setting up Aqua Cure Machine.
Drinking the Hydrogen water, using Aqua Cure for your bath, doing the sauna, and other things for health. We have so many technologies now.
A story of Dr. Larry Lytle and Low Level Laser Therapy Device.
MMS. Rife machine. Controversial therapies. Cannabis oil prison story. Legal aspects.
How often is it recommended to donate blood?
5G connection with Coronavirus. Our outside and home environment are so toxic and not natural.
Living in an electrified cage. Changing your environment. Having tattoos.