Zoom Rooms Session #28 – October 30, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
How mineral deficient our food is. Dr. Richard Olree. The most important minerals for our health.
Morley Robbins focuses on the 2 minerals which make it so simple. Good sources of Copper. How Copper works in our body.
The difference between retinol and beta carotene.
Taking Ascorbic Acid long term.
Upgrading the Forums which may result in a lack of access for some members.
Rob has visited his applied kinesiology chiropractor. Energy and mitochondrial function. Where does our energy come from?
Fish oil and Omega 3s. Are they good for our body?
Recommended brands of Magnesium. Magnesium levels and strategy.
Bobby had elbow surgery and still has screws inside. Should he remove them? Foreign objects in your body.
Therapies that are helpful in joints and tissue regeneration.
Things happening before the elections. The most bizarre time in human history.
The riots in the USA. People who are funding them. Professional agitators.
Bill Gates and his opinion about masks. Massive propaganda on masks.
Vaccine deniers. Covid vaccines in Argentina and in the USA.
Question of the week in the Forums. Covid tests. Covid stories.
Covid death certificates. This is the time to focus on our immune system. The flu shots.
Talking to your family and friends about Covid and vaccines. Why is it so difficult?
Bobbi was diagnosed with arthritis. She is on hydrocodone. She started taking Krill oil. Justin’s recommendations.
Getting off medications. What are the implications? Relieving pain without meds – members’ ideas.
Final chats. Changing the country by our actions.
“Minerals for the Genetic Code” – a book by Charles Walters
Diverse Health Services Advanced Joint Complex
Standard Process – Whole Food-Based Nutritional Supplements