Zoom Rooms Session #27




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In this talk we discuss…
Covering up video cameras and microphones in computers and smart TVs.
Tanya visits Dr. Bergman’s clinic regularly. She runs a remote shop. She found Justin through Ken Rohla.
Upgrading your bedroom. It’s challenging to have time for self-care when you have kids.
Justin’s dental health story. Justin’s trips to Texas with kids.
Going to college these days. Tanya is using a Rife Machine.
Rife treatment. Dr. Nenah Sylver. It’s difficult to choose the right machine.
Tanya started to going to Dr. B’s clinic because of the osteoarthritis in her hip. Her spine has improved so much.
Anthony’s wife had a lot of issues and injuries in the past. The corrective chiropractic helped her very much.
Anthony’s son’s been wetting the bed at night. There are many differences between his vaccinated son and not vaccinated kids.
Using Ibuprofen. Most people freak out because of diseases. Your body’s always healing. The tumor’s a way of healing.
Marvin is going to see Dr. Bergman and have a week of adjustments.
How to post pictures in the Forums.
Covid story from Marvin’s school. Contact tracing. Masks consequences. A weird policy of wearing masks in public.
A pastor in Hawai who talks about the pandemic. Peggy Hall. Medical conditions. and masks. What’s going on with Coronavirus?
The recipe to make Hydroxychloroquine at home.
Colloidal silver treatment for the flu. Portable nebulizers.
Gold and Silver from Sara Banta’s Accelerated Health Products.
There are still restaurants that are masks free. Why stores are pushing the masks so hard?