Zoom Rooms Session #23




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In this talk we discuss…
Larry’s waiting for his blood and hair tests results. He’s been doing Morley Robbins’ protocol for about 6-8 months.
Iron and Vitamin A according to Morley Robbins. The dangers of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Is anything changing in your local area with regard to Covid-19? Masks, Vitamin D, Immune System.
How many people who died “because of Covid” really died because of it? CBC numbers.
Mask brainwashing. It’s very deep.
Beck’s grandson canker sore and nutritional yeast. What else can help? Beck’s daughter had leukemia. Sugar.
Covid-19 stories. Adding more numbers to these death rates and a number of cases. Enforcing masks.
Amandha Vollmer is doing so much more stuff than DMSO.
Beck did Reiki on one girl who had shingles and then she also got it about 3 weeks later.
Low blood pressure. You never hear about it. What is too low? What can help?
Vaccines – take action. Responsibility. Legal documents.
Things that they are doing to protect businesses in Georgia. Catching Coronavirus.
They haven’t isolated the Coronavirus. Dr. Andrew Kaufmann says there’s no such a family as coronaviruses.
Peggy Hall is failing a lawsuit against Sprouts Market. She says she’s not gonna argue science but law.
People don’t want to do the lawsuits but it may be the only way to stop it.
From a Recall Healing perspective, one of the functions of the thyroid is to speak your truth. Bluetooth and thyroid. Blue light. 5G world. Hydration is key.
What are you guys doing about 5G in your house?
Do you think there is any connection between 5G and Coronavirus? Life in Wuhan now.
Photoshopping devices – it’s difficult to believe any videos from around the world now. “Salt”, “Eagle Eye” and “V for Vendetta”, Matrix, Braveheart – interesting movies.