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In this talk we discuss…
Sheila has a nursing degree, she didn’t vaccinate her children and she’s begging her parents not to take the flu shots.
Jaymie is moving out of California due to the current state.
Pregnant women in Australia got arrested cause she set up a group on Facebook to protest against the lockdown.
Where can you move if it’s crazy everywhere? Covid resources inside the Academy. CBC numbers.
Is Covid-19 passed by a fecal transmission? Dr. Kaufman M.D. on the EHR Show.
Jaymie’s 20-year-old daughter is a mask wearer and was tested positive and she never got it.
Having children under 18 and being tested for Covid-19. Is that a risk? Contact tracing.
Blood donation. Some people can’t do it cause their veins are very small.
Ways to get rid of excessive Iron. There are a lot of good books about it. Hemochromatosis.
Mary went to Dr. Tent in Novi. He helped her a lot. She had a lot of pain and has blood pressure.
Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UBI therapy) and high dose Vitamin C kill all viruses. Liposomal Vitamin C.
Morley Robbins and his Ascorbic Acid findings. High fructose corn syrup.
Covid -19 situation. Wearing masks at the stores. Positive test results… Vaccine. It’s a time of fear.
Ascorbic Acid (not the wholefood Vitamin C) suppressing Copper absorption.
Lisa was attending the Functional Medicine Health Coach Academy. She homeschooled her children for 18 years.
Bobby’s going for a hike in Southern Utah pretty soon. He’s a fireman. Not wearing masks in restaurants and other places.
The natural Vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid was promoted very much. Dr. David E. Martin.
What do you guys think? Do you think there’s an actual virus? What is it?
Ilya visits Miller’s Organic Farm which is an Amish Place. And he loves it there.
John from the UK says things seem to be calming down. France has to isolate themselves for 2 weeks. His wife has a big pain in the shoulder.
Prolozone (Ozone Therapy) for a torn ligament or a torn muscle. It’s just an injection that helps you rebuild cartilage. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone.
01:02:21 – How are you guys doing with all these things going on? Members’ opinions. Mainstream news.
Covid-19 Section in the EHA – some helpful information. Many people are on meds and it’s a difficult discussion cause they’re addicted to their fear too.
CBC numbers about Covid-19 cases of people who died because of other diseases.
Ilya thinks that we need to give them some time and people will start waking up.