Zoom Rooms Session #21




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In this talk we discuss…
Plans for weekends or even short vacations before the next big thing happens. Long road trips with small kids.
Peter taught alternative medicine. He’s been taking care of his health for 30 years now.
Do you know anybody who had or has Coronavirus?
How is Mary doing? Her kids are still at school. The right of conscience in Ohio.
Wearing masks. It’s getting crazy everywhere. Fines for not wearing masks.
Business owners that don’t support wearing masks could connect and support each other.
Buying things online so you don’t care about masks and so on. Thrive Market – they have everything you need. You can also order online from Sprouts.
Working at the stores or some places where you have to wear a mask.
Justin has a feeling that this Covid thing isn’t going away. A lot of people are waking up though.
Justin is putting together a whole Covid section of the Academy with trusted sources from Mainstream Media so we can share them with others too.
Mary’s suggestion – positive things that people can do to help the immune system rather than the mask don’t work.
Thinking about your family and friends that believe everything that’s on the news, cause they believe the media and doctors. The new section may be a great resource for them.
People need positive information about building immunity cause they are so fearful and feel helpless. They believe in vaccines. They are in a Matrix.
Justin isn’t fearful about this thing at all. He thinks it’s just a modified flu.
Tom and Marvin are new to the Zoom Room Meetings. Covid cases and situation in Michigan.
GB-4000 Rife Machine used for Covid – as a prevention and treatment.
The Spooky2 Device. What’s worth investing in? Rife Machines used for cancer.
Tom’s showing schedule for supporting your body every day. Cancer stories and 4 types of stressors.
Marvin’s story about a mask at the store. Justin’s mum had a similar story. People who have issues with breathing. The mask police.
What about action with a particular institution – recording refusals of service for example at Costco.
Theoretically, you are supposed to go through training to learn how to wear and discard a mask. We have to stand up for our rights.
Justin read that Bill Gates wants this lockdown to continue to 2022. Many people wear masks but don’t actually believe it.
This is a plandemic. Justin thinks that Coronavirus is the biggest fraud in his lifetime.
Sharing on our social media more often about these Covid things but not too strong cause it may be like trying to changing someone’s religion.
The 3 most powerful movies we should watch again according to Justin. Movies worth watching.
Different ways in which we can help humanity. People think we should wear masks to protect others.