Zoom Rooms Session #20 – August 7, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Things in Indiana regarding Coronavirus. Not wearing masks because of medical conditions. COVID-19 stories.
Dr. Kaufman M.D. on the EHR show. Creating local campaigns. Recording interactions trying to get in without a mask.
We have to act, It’s a critical time in human history. Beck feels it’s gonna get ugly especially after the election.
More and more masks are being produced. Many are made in China and sprayed with chemicals. Long-term consequences.
The situation in the US. They are messing with our kids. Vaccine plans. The tension between people wearing and not wearing masks.
Putting a crack in people’s belief system – Bill Gates and his love for us, vaccines, and so on – using social media.
Demonic things going on in Hollywood and among wealthy people. Adrenochrome. Drinking kids’ blood.
Anthony’s family. The current situation in Los Angeles. Going to the beach in Michigan.
Kids made to wear masks after cross country running.
John Taylor Gatto interview. The US education system. Schools these days are so difficult.
Preparing for the storm. Buying a few extra things. Shortening the supply chain.
Amandha Vollmer and her book about healing with DMSO.
Aqua Cure Machine and Hydrogen benefits. Brown’s Gas.
Zoom Rooms being available every day. Justin comes in on Friday mornings. Chat on the main Dashboard.
What’s going on in the UK right now. Justin’s opinion on Coronavirus. Most people in the UK aren’t afraid of it.
The enemy isn’t the one who is or isn’t wearing a mask. It’s the one who caused all this stuff. Masks funny stories.
People probably don’t realize how dangerous these times are. It’s a critical time in human history.
Jonathan knows people who are scared of the Coronavirus but generally, the majority of people in the UK are pretty relaxed.
The knowledge about viruses helps us but many people don’t know the solutions. It’s difficult for them.
We should be supporting each other. We’re here for a reason. It’s a great awakening for us.
Ilya buys ugly houses and helps people get out of bad situations. Real estate market vs the Coronavirus.
Government, money, history, etc, even archeology. Everywhere there’s mainstream and the truth beneath.
Brits are a bit distanced by themselves. Types and ways of wearing masks.
Miller’s Organic Farm in PA led by Amish people. Jonathan buys things from there. You can get things right from the garden.
Eating local food is very healthy cause your body and mitochondria are tuned to your geographic location.
Show me the Virus – an EHR Show with Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D.
Five-hour interview with John Taylor Gatto
Healing with DMSO – a book by Amandha Vollmer
An EHR Show about DMSO with Amandha Vollmer
An EHR Show about Hydrogen with Tyler W. LeBaron
The Real Estate Business owned by Ilya
Miller’s Organic Farm
What You Need to Know About Vaccines – An EHR Show with Dr. Steven Baker D.C.
Dr. Steven Baker’s D.C. website