Zoom Rooms Session #2 – May 13, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Peter’s pain in the back of the knee. Using DMSO to relieve pain and to drive Magnesium deeper into the tissue…
The importance of Magnesium in our body.
The less Magnesium you have in the body, the more Iron you have. Iron activates the stress and the fear centers in the body.
Magnesium being responsible for many processes in the body. This is a basic thing before all the “fancy” like saunas and so on.
What can be the reason that Peter’s pain doesn’t go away. Corrective chiropractic together with supplementing magnesium
may be the solution.
Going to a chiropractor in another country or far from your place of living.
Being the only weird person you know. Taking more care of your health when you get older.
DMSO and its benefits. Justin’s been using it for years. The difference between DMSO and MMS.
Chemotherapy – being the only option people know. Cancer stories.
Being grateful for other options and knowledge we have but also feeling pressure because of living in today’s society.
Karpman drama triangle. Which person has the strongest immune system?
Dr. Massey’s talk about the Karpman drama triangle and the 4th role – silent observer.
Sharing our knowledge with others.
Protests in the USA. Enlightened people. Lockdown. Wearing masks.
Extraterrestrial life and Glenn Beck’s channel.
Censorship. Deleting Judy Mikovits’s videos. Pizzagate. Using code words.
Closed hair salons and small stores. The quarantine thing. Becoming more of a prepper.
Restrictions and opening schools in Denmark. Sanitizing places and objects.
Peter’s plans to visit chiropractic in the UK.
Traveling in Europe. Traveling to Africa. Traveling in general. Some people think traveling is dangerous.
Watching the news.
Peter’s wife’s story about coronavirus in Denmark.
Having a side hustle. Being independent.
Health issues. Benefits of it.
Letting people down and forgiving yourself.
Morley Robbins – The Root Cause Protocol
Burzynski Clinic – offering a personalized cancer therapy
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