Zoom Rooms Session #18 – July 24, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, BLM getting a lot of money. Stories about Konvid’s tests and cases, masks, quackzenes, the danger of a civil war.
Dr. Randy Tent D.C. warned about forced quackzenes about 7 years ago. Conspiracy theories are no longer theories.
Del Bigtree from The High Wire Show – is he on our side?
Jody is going to give blood in Vitalant. Testing for Konvid-19 antibodies. Contact tracing.
Donating plasma and platelets. It’s like 2 hours. Blood donation.
Jody’s daughter-in-law has Konvid-19 antibodies but didn’t have any symptoms. Money for positive tested patients.
Jody is donating blood to dump excess Iron. Benefits of blood donation.
Justin wants to do the genealogy or family tree thing but isn’t sure what information is out there.
People are waking up and realizing what’s going on. It’s really encouraging.
Mayor and governor in Chicago. Raising children in the Netherlands.
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix. Ghislaine Maxwell. The morals are gone. Famous people obsession.
The Cabal thing, Donald Trump, false information in the US, corruption, and pedophilia. Michael Tellinger and Ubuntu project.
How to deal in your mind with the dark stuff we are aware of. How Beck does it.
Finding a way that people want to know what we know without forcing our opinions on them. It’s a delicate balance.
People that’s been on the shows like Kerri Rivera or Sofia Smallstorm have helped Beck very much. It’s cool to bring them on.
Wiring your laptop. What if 5G comes here?
Amazon membership discontinuation. Anywhere we work or what we buy we may be supporting The Cabal or child labor, damaging Earth, or so on.
Earthing, castor oil, traction in red light therapy, magnetic pulser therapy, oil pulling, and other things beneficial for health.
Preparing for the storm. Frozen food storage. It’s a critical time to start thinking about this.
Peter found EHA through Dr. Bergman. He’s worried that we’re all going down the rabbit hole.
Blood Donation
Dutch Parenting secrets to raise the happiest kids in the world
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – documentary description
Extreme Health Radio – Youtube Channel