Zoom Rooms Session #17 – July 17, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Not wearing face masks. Matching T-shirts and masks for children.
Issues dividing the US nation now like Corona, Black Lives Matter, Ghislaine Maxwell’s case, Donald Trump, and so on.
How did Denise found out about the Academy. The weather in the US now. Denise loves Florida and doesn’t miss NJ.
Denise’s thoughts as a financial advisor about investing, saving, stock market, keeping gold and silver in these times.
We are living in a crazy time. We have never seen anything like this before. There’s much more going on.
The animosity between people who wear and don’t wear masks. Covid tests before coming to Puerto Rico. Having gold and guns.
Plans of making masks mandatory. Things are crazy. We have to start fighting them back. It’s like a civil war.
Denise’s story. She’s taking ReMag to clean the liver. She was misdiagnosed. She had a parasite in her lung. She’s changing her life now.
Stool testing. Urine testing. Testing blood. More detailed tests. The Ultrawellness Center.
What is Magnesium helping Denise?
Morley Robbins. The Root Cause Protocol. Beef liver supplements.
Blood donation. Why is it good to donate blood. The right amount of Iron, Magnesium, and Copper in your body.
Getting your health back. EHA website. Doctor’s visits. Learning about health. Being on medication, e.g. cholesterol meds.
Larry’s experience with the Root Cause Protocol. Hair test.
Testing of the Covid when donating blood. Contact tracing. Justin is worried about this situation cause he has 2 young sons.
Taking responsibility for your own health. Not being just a follower.
Justin’s opinion on Applied Kinesiology. Relying on institutions and other people.
People are so fearful. Wearing masks even on the bikes. Living normally in a really weird world.
Some things like red light therapy are standard for Justin and his wife but you may forget how bizarre you may be for others.
Vaccination for the Corona Virus being mandatory? What can we do about it?
Local county sheriffs and the power of them. A lot of people start to write letters to them to empower them
Our names in different documents. How far can it all go? Will they control who do we vote for and so on? Conspiracy theories.
Being positive. Doing our research and coming back next week to share. We need each other.
Root Cause Protocol. Magnesium deficiency. Absorbable way to get it. Feeling the results.
Denise’s health issues after having a parasite in her lung for so long.
3752 of our 9000 enzymes require Magnesium which is 42%. That’s why it’s so important!
Jodi’s husband used bloodroot on his mole. Bloodroot is helpful for skin cancer.
The World’s First 100% Decentralized International next-gen crowdfunding platform
Sohrab’s Linktree
Justin’s post about Foundations of Health
Morley Robbins on The Root Cause Protocol
The Root Cause Protocol
ReMag – High Absorption Magnesium
Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Ultra Wellness Center
United Medical Freedom Super PAC
GreenMedinfo – a great resource for Health Topics
Alpha Omega Labs Website
Bloodroot Paste
In Power Movement