Zoom Rooms Session #16




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In this talk we discuss…
What is the state of affairs? Do you know anyone with Coronavirus?
Are public schools going to be open after the summer holidays?
People are waiting for the vaccine to feel safe.
Cardiovascular issues. Gut health and gut restore.
False-positive results with COVID-19.
Skin issues. Skin health and liver. Essential oils for skincare.
Morley Robbins. Root Cause Protocol. Iron, Copper, and Magnesium.
Blood donation. Blood tested for COVID -19. Contact tracing.
What kinds of things do you do to stay healthy? Spending time outside.
Do your friends and family think you’re crazy? Talking and arguing with people about health.
Levels of openness. What allows your mind to be open.
Wearing red glasses. Shungite blocking radiation.
The previous and the following EHR shows about hydrogen. Starting with the basics, then the fancy stuff.
Sohrab loves the information on the website and has many health issues.
Excessive sweating on your feet and hands. Chemicals stored in the liver. Sweating removes toxins from your body.
Different protocols you can do to intensify your detox when using the relax sauna.
Salting your water and beverages when using the sauna and putting sea minerals there.
Drinking water straight from the Yanque rainforest. Adding things to the water to put minerals there.
Younger and younger people are sicker and sicker these days but we have knowledge that we can use.
Working with computers all the time.
The current situation in Puerto Rico.
People don’t know many things such as about UBI therapy.
The financial side of coronavirus.