Zoom Rooms Session #14 – June 13, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Using Pearlcium which is a living source of calcium to help regrow tooth enamel and get rid of cavities.
Regrowing bone is this possible through magnetic stimulation?
Craig is dealing with 2 teeth extractions
Why you need to remove periodontal ligaments when you remove teeth.
Clove oil for teeth nerves and swollen gums.
Gut health solutions during antibiotics. How to rebuild healthy gut bacteria and gut flora if you have to take medications.
Other solutions to help rebuild your gut and improve digestion!
Tooth extractions and cavitations. Why they’re so toxic and why root canals are not good for your health and may contribute to cancer.
The first place to start. How oral health impacts overall health
Iris tech software for blocking nnEMF and blue light frequencies that damage your mitochondria and deplete ATP production.
Craig working on sleep, cpap machine, and mouth breathing using the Buteyko method.
Cure tooth decay book with Ramiel Nagel and my friend and biological dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally
Pearlcium for teeth
Dr. Ellie’s Tooth Remineral Protocols
Book: Cure Tooth Decay
Dr. Stuart Nunnally Justin’s biological dentist
Living Streams Mission Probiotics
Just Thrive Probiotics
Iris Tech Blue Blocking Software I recommend.
Our live show that day with Sofia Smallstorm about viruses
Extreme Health Radio live shows on Friday mornings!
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