Zoom Rooms Session #12 – June 4, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Website critique, adding quizzes or important points to the videos.
Vertical ridges on fingernails. Are they a mineral deficiency?
Bloodroot for moles and skin cancers.
Root Cause Protocol and why minerals like magnesium, copper, and iron run the entire body. Best way to get retinol from animal fats instead of cod liver oil.
Search for “Traveling Phlebotomist” on Google to find out how to donate blood to lower iron. Better than the Red Cross!
EMF meter that Peter is using to determine WiFi, dirty electricity, and electrical signals in his apartment.
Smart meter mitigation. How to shield yourself from dangerous frequencies from your smart meter.
What does scalar technology like the BlueShield do? and a really cool EMF Summit happening free online!
Is 5G Behind Covid19 and this coronavirus plandemic?
Fixing your sleep environment is a big key to improving health!
Shungite pendants as protection from EMF
Oura Ring to track your sleep!
Fungus, yeast and how EMF increases mycotoxin proliferation
Turpentine and other tips for getting rid of candida and fungal overgrowth. Could itchy skin and nightmares be the side effects of candida?
Worldhealthmall product called Syclovir and using essential oils to kill candida
Root cause protocol and getting off of taking so many supplements.
EMF sensitivity from phones, trackpads, and other touch screens on fingers. Tips like taking B vitamins, healthy fats for getting rid of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and numbness.
Free 5G and EMF Summit online
Touch For Health Kinesiology Association
Herb Healers – a website for Alpa Omega Labs
LifeStream Blood Bank
Vitalant – Blood Donation
Power EMT – Safe and healthy electricity
BioChargeMe – an online store
Harmoni Pendant – EMF protection
Oura Ring for Sleep Tracking
Dr. Jenifer Daniels
World Health Mall – health products online store
Syclovir, aka Yeast Control
Essential Oils for Abundant Living – 10-Lesson Video Course
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