Zoom Rooms Session #1 – May 11, 2020



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In this talk we discuss…
Burzynski Clinic for brain cancer.
The truth about vaccines
Morley Robbins and the Root Cause Protocol with minerals like iron, copper, and magnesium
The power of the county sheriff in resisting vaccines
Coronavirus (covid19) death certificates
Are there strings attached to the stimulus checks?
Bitcoins digital currency and prepping
Out of Shadows child trafficking
Lipid peroxidation with PUFAs
Is cod liver oil the best source of retinol (vitamin a)?
The dangers of 5G and wifi
Why grounding is no longer optimal
Tick bites and Lyme disease
Benefits of sauna therapy
Benefits of red light therapy
Mitigating environmental stressors
5G towers are everywhere
Morley Robbins – The Root Cause Protocol
Burzynski Clinic – offering a personalized cancer therapy
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