Women’s Wellness Hour #2 – March 17, 2021


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The weather in California and Scotland.
Going to a chiropractor regularly. Rona’s health issues.
The situation in Florida. Masks. Covid vaccines. Kim’s health issues. Chiropractic care.
People who go to chiropractors consistently and people who have never gone. Some adjustments may be scary.
Rene is looking for a good “doctor”.
Shopping local and supporting local businesses.
Vaccines. Brainwashing. Being more self-sufficient. Tower gardens.
Ken Rohla. Scalar devices.
Beck lives in the old farmhouse. She does murals and poxy countertops.
The climate and weather in California. Wearing masks outside.
Making sourdough bread at home. Tips. Dutch oven.
Adele’s just got out of her sauna and she loves it. Friendship through the EHA.
What do you do for your skin? Do you focus on specific products? Aqua Cure. Iodine.
Having a balance between taking care of yourself and aging. Doing small things for your sanity. Going outside.
Renee can’t go out when it’s cold. She gets terrible headaches. She can’t be outside when it’s sunny cause her eyes hurt. Aging.
Putting expiration dates on people. Who cares about age. Accepting compliments.
The Elliott Homestead Youtube Channel
The EASIEST and BEST Sourdough Starter
1000’s of roots – Permaculture Homesteading Youtube Channel
Deepak Chopra in Wikipedia