Dr. Sam Berne – The Perfect Vision Workshop

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What does it mean when the size of the iris is significantly different than the other?
Should we wash our eyes? If so with what and how often?
What about pigmentation dispersion (glaucoma)?
Is there anything one can do to improve the eye with amblyopia?
What can be done to remediate floaters in one or both eyes?
Do you think there is any correlation between parasites and floaters?
Is the red light therapy safe for the eyes?
Following your advice would these in store purchase readers work against my eyesight?
Can you recommend some good MSM eye drops?
Can you comment on lasik surgery?
Macular degeneration. The wet and the dry eye.
In general food and substances to include.
Color blindness.
Diabetic retinopathy.
I’ve been shortsighted for years and coped with glasses/lenses just fine. Now I’m struggling to read or see close when wearing them. I want to avoid bifocals. Can I improve my vision?
I suffer with strained, blurry, day eyes. My optician recommended Tealoz Duo UD eye drops. Any views on them?
What are your thoughts about eye washers, using eye cups and putting different things in them?
Can you reverse nearsightedness?
What are the neurological implications of having one eye nearsighted and the other one farsighted?
What are your top foods to avoid and life style decisions and things to avoid when it comes to preserving your vision?
What do you think about the Bates method?
I have a lot of brown flecks in my eyes an I was told that they are freckles. Is it true?
What are your thoughts about sungazing and looking directly into the Sun?
Light sensitivity for someone who is trying to spend some time outside without sunglasses.
Styes in the eyes.
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