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October 2019


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Putting moist heat on the prostate area and eating greens every day.
Tornwaldt cyst
I can’t find a corrective chiropractor in the suburbs of LA. What do you think about the Insight Millennium Scanning Unit (Insight Subluxation Station)?
Peripheral artery disease and elevated cholesterol.
Skin tags. What are they and how to get rid of them?
Xanthelasmas and high cholesterol.
I’m trying to be on a low carb diet and doing alternate fasting. I want to lose 50 pounds.
How can I cure my right shoulder calcific tendonitis? My left testicle is swollen with no pain. Why does it happen and how can you treat it?
I was exposed to black mold now I seem to get sick very easily.
3 antibiotics in a 7-month-old girl. What is your recommendation to rebuild her microbiome (gut flora)? She mostly consumes breast milk and some formula.
Distracting hand joints. I recently started having joint pain in my index finger
Does anybody know what water filtering system Dr. Bergman is using in the shower? He said he uses Eco Waterhouse for drinking.
Skin issues. I think I developed perioral dermatitis around my eye and mouth. Any suggestions?
What course of action if diagnosed with prostate cancer?
Antibodies, thyroid nodules, and high cholesterol. I have cold hands and cold feet.
Easily bruising on arms and legs.
Thoughts on massage. Is it to be avoided? Are there any benefits? Please suggest a particular massage technique as valuable.
Can you explain what a functional neurology chiropractor does?
What are your thoughts on using a foam roller for some release in the mid-back during a long day at the office?
Post motorcycle accident problems with a thoracic region. Any chiropractic techniques and exercises to help and knowledge on dissolving the cyst?