Member’s Q&A Mastermind
June 2018

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Baby’s Nighttime Cough. What can we do without medication?
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes was the cause of my Kidney disease. How I can naturally manage my pressure?
What do you think of the 3D SCOLIBRACE with exercises to CORRECT ADULT SCOLIOSIS, and SCOLIBRACE boot camps?
Do one-year-olds really need milk? After formula/breast milk can they thrive and develop of just water?
I have gastric bypass. What can I do to help my gut build?
Heart palpitations and shortness of breath.
High inflammation and leaky gut. Why I have to remove all animal products from my diet, including anything with animal gelatin?
I was hit at a stoplight with a speed of 70 mph. What can I do to speed up my recovery?
Very high levels of glyphosate. How do we detox from this?
Nutritional Deficiencies.
Hashimoto’s, acid reflux, anxiety and mild panic attacks, brain fog, leaky gut, and more. What would I need to do to come off the medications and begin to heal?
Low selenium and sodium level and supplements for a two-year-old child.
CBD oil, is it good or bad?
Wax on organic food? Is there a way to completely clean and If not, is it safe to eat an organic fruit with skin?
I’ve been diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury (right shoulder). I had this prior over one year ago and thought it had healed but it’s back. Any suggestions?
What is your opinion about the benefit of umbilical cord stem cells for diabetes and retinopathy or any other chronic condition? What are the risks?
How do certain RX meds cause heartburn? Also, if you’re dealing with constipation and take meds, are the meds getting absorbed, or are they building up in the colon?
What can you suggest for my wife who had her gall bladder removed about 5 years ago and is really having problems with her digestion?
What causes a rash on the neck?
Severe stress, anxiety, and lack of energy. I’m trying fermenting to boost my immune system. Is fermented food for everyone?
What are the best things to juice if I have a bypass?
Nephrostomy and kidney inflamed. Any advice, what could be the cause and what she can do?
Atrial fibrillation.
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