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August 2018 #1


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Breast reduction or not?
Are there any reasons to be optimistic in today’s cultural climate?
Forward head posture
Birth control
Is C-60 C60 safe to take?
Plantar fascitis
Using a sauna if you’re having hot flashes
Fluid retention under jaw & neck
Relationship between shortness of breath and lungs blocked with mold and dust
Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism
Hyperactive thyroid
Raynaud’s syndrome
Where would you choose to live if living in California becomes intolerable
T4/T5 Subluxation- Responsible for my problems
Immunization & Vaccine Damage
Recovering from a Horse fall injury
Juicing Tips
Eye problems after a regular eye test
Your favorite Supplements?
Top supplements for leaky gut
Rectal cancer solutions
SIBO….. is limiting portions important
Thoughts about oxygen therapy and the book The One Minute Cure?
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