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September 2018 #2

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Atlas Orthogonal Technique
I have appointment with dr. John Bergman, going to another Chiropractic what I should tell him?
Intermittent fasting
Anxiety and gut health
What vegetables, berries, fruits would you suggest to use for juicing?
Diabetes and diet.
Mold in apartment
How can I get rid of heart pain?
Why you should change and rotate your diet
I have trouble with my sleep for over 20 years. What should I do?
Bartter’s syndrome
I have MS and Lower back issues? Which muscles do I work on stretching to release the tension?
Lung health. Forest fires. What can I do to mitigate the harmful effects of smoke?
Health insurance. I spend $7.000 per year on medical insurance premiums. How can I break the chains of scams?
Acid reflux
Unstable pelvis
Torn meniscus
Burning in the soles of feet for over a week. What’s the cause?
What’s the best way to make an appointment at Dr. John Bergman Clinic?
Best way to do a Kidney and liver detox?
Using colloidal silver in CPAP machine
Are there any natural treatments for Hepatitis B?
When you have had Chiropractic adjustments how long does it take for the nervous system to heal?
Can chiropractic help avoid surgery for bunions?
Since the mold exposure, hands and feet have been turning yellow
About Chiropractic methods
Do you have a video about an unstable pelvis?
Bioidentical hormones
Salt caves and what can be possible causes of vocal cord paralysis?
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