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November 2018 #2

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New Clinic in Mexico!
Muscle Spasms
Alopecia in children.
Bowel movement and blowing your nose.
Acid reflux
Non-alcoholic fatty liver, fungus, cysts in my kidney
Do I have to sign up to chatroll?
I feel like my bowels have been in limbo after being adjusted. How can I get them back?
Elevated prolactin, hormonal and health issues for many years
Any examples of soluble fiber helping with high blood pressure?
How much protein would you recommend if I work out effectively intense 5 days a week?
Do I have to give up organic cheese, vegetarian rennet, and organic wine to be healthy?
Allergic rhinitis
What can I do to relieve the pain and get rid of the TMJ?
What do you think of H2 water and about the water frequency generator?
Where is your first clinic in Mexico going to be?
Putting back on your weight mainly in your gut region
I have osteoarthritis, I’m in pain, I had a slipped epiphysis at 12 years old. I need a hip replacement and I’m on NSAID meloxicam now
Could our lifestyles have an influence on our biomechanics?
The theory of water having memory.
The food although really important doesn’t seem that important. What do you think of that?
An antitoxin used basically for any condition.
Can cartilage be rejuvenated in such a large joint as a hip?
If we could find the secret of happiness we would be ok, right?
Eye health issues suggestions for flashing lights in a very dry eye.
Fried foods and eye issues.
Putting wheatgrass grown in the ocean on your eyes.
Cupping your face.
Rejuvenating the cartilage in the hip. Does it matter if the person is older?
Antitoxin and diabetes.
Infrared sauna.
I tried to go vegan and I can’t maintain. Any other diet suggestions?
What brand is the infrared sauna?
Non-psychotic cannabis in cancer.
Bellicon trampoline.
Supporting the detox protocol.
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