Member’s Q&A Mastermind
September 2018 #1

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Histamine Intolerance.
CPAP machine. I snore very badly without it and I stop breathing. How can I stop using it?
Advanced BioStructural Correction – ABC.
Any hope that Donald Trump will turn compulsory vaccinations around?
Rash in the corner of the mouth, it can be candida. Does eating fruit smoothies can make it worse or help?
Sleep apnea.
The chiropractor diagnosed a nearly fused C8. What can I do to feel better?
Diet changes
How to recognize physical, chemical, and emotional stress?
Ozone therapy.
If I’m unable to return to the clinic for a couple of months to start my treatment should I do my home exercise which you recommended?
A good chiropractor in Dallas any recommendations?
4 Life
I completely fix my winter sad anxiety and psoriasis plus some other things thanks to Dr. J. Bergman.
Is the monthly member Mastermind Live yet? I live in Sweden and wondering if I’ve got the time right now.
CPAP and surgery.
Sleeping problems for 20 years.
Where can we find the X
Iodine is a diet and what doses of iodine are safe?
Decompression therapy for L1 through L5 herniation.
I’ve been struggling for the past year to get my sleep under control.
A good chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona.
Is there a test for toxic metals in the body?
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