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October 2018

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Wealth Conference
Cartilage damage in the knee
Chronic sinusitis
Adjusting a persons jaw
What is the best adjustment for TMJ?
Can a bad alignment be caused just by the teeth not meeting up properly?
How do I access last week’s questions’ suggested websites?
An eye affected by shingles
Is it normal to be extremely emotional after your first adjustment?
Cataract surgery
Can you avoid cataract surgery?
3-year-old child allergic to wheat products.
Pot liquor
Drinking one’s own urine
Blue light and autistic kids
Meniere’s disease and destroyed the balance system.
J.B. Handley’s book on autism.
Ringing in the ears.
Dry blood sample test and omega 6 vs omega 10 ratios.
Checking the nervous system
Being criticized by the family or friends for avoiding blue light and healthy living
When are you going to visit the United Kingdom?
Magic Mud
Nerve damage in the back and feet after delivery of the twins
Is it normal for nerves to take a long time to heal?
Radiation and caring about your health
Not taking the antibiotics prescripted by your doctor.
Gonstead adjustment.
Is president Trump anywhere close to stopping forced quackzenations?
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