Member’s Q&A Mastermind
November 2019


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Spondylolisthesis, low back pain, neck and upper spine issues. Is this normal to feel so much pain after an adjustment that I can’t stand up straight? Should I stop the visits?
The reverse curve in the neck, subluxation C1, T4, and L4, 15-year-old injury. Trying to reverse the heart issues. Do you think that the posture pump could help them?
A hundred things to do, be, or become Strep throat and antibiotics. Linking skin rashes to the gut. I was on proton
I’ve had 4 lower back surgeries, walking is a bit of a challenge, I’ve had bunions since I was a young girl. Dead nerves after surgery halfway through the groin. Problems with my hip and knee.
Can you share your thoughts about what causes alopecia areata and how it could be best treated?
Having severe numbness and pain in my left thigh.
I’ve been experiencing sharp pain in my left hand side of my abdomen underneath my rib
Plantar fasciitis. Why would one strengthen the intrinsic muscles and stretch the calf when they are only showing symptoms rather than being the problem?
I have a numb feeling in my left glute (gluteus) down to my toes with an intermittent buzzing. I started having the same feeling in my left arm. Yesterday I noticed it on my face. What is it and what to do for it?
Premature atrial contraction. Any advice?