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November 2018 #1


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A new clinic in Mexico
Arachnoiditis around lumbar sacral area.
A polio
Crackling and grinding when moving my neck.
Not sweating when working hard
Trigger finger
Burning sensation in my hip.
What to do if I’m not able to stay awake after 6 hours of sleep?
I need a doctor like Dr. Bergman. What do I look for in my search or is there any database of doctors?
When is Dr. Bergman moving to the sunshine state
Atopic Dermatitis.
Are joints that aren’t used for a while going to rust?
I have arthritis in my neck, low spine shoulder, and hip
Enlarged prostate
An undescended testicle in a 4 years old boy.
Recall healing and family constellations therapy.
Trochanteric support.
Lifelong chronic constipation
Fibrocystic activity
Osteoarthritis with a curve in the back
Painful neuropathy due to diabetes
I have TMD
Abnormal test if it comes to extra cells in my breasts
What do you think about deprogramming the negative connotations with the word ‘cancer’?
What’s the protocol if you get the flu?
If you lose enamel from your teeth
Can you wear the trochanteric belt support too much?
Should you continue to wear the trochanteric belt support if you have severe pain in your back?
For how long should you wear the trochanteric belt? How do you know when to wear them again?
I have a fluid lump the size of a marble on my hand for the last 6 weeks and it’s not growing. What should I do?
Is there a connection between virus SV40 found in vaccines and cancer?

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