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May 2019


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My heart is beating too fast and too hard.
Freezing juice.
My husband had a mammogram and biopsy and they inserted a titanium chip without asking. We are worried about that.
What do you think about shoe lifts?
I have an earache, my ear is very blocked and I think I have a bacterial infection.
Idiopathic peripheral neuropathy
Do you know anything about amyloidosis? Any suggestions for supplements?
Eye floaters.
I donated platelets years ago to my mum. Is this ok?
My husband has rosacea on his cheeks, nose, and chin area
How do you know the supplements the person is ingesting are helping? I’ve never noticed a difference.
They inserted a titanium chip in my husband’s body to show up on future x
My new GP who I visited recently says he needs to find “something wrong with me”.
I would like to have some information on potential low TSH.
Is it safe to wear plastic orthodontic braces for around 22 hours a day?
Is using a ScoliRoll to push my scoliosis on a vibe plate good or bad?
Why do you tell people to walk in the sand after an adjustment?
Putting the Restore4Life product nasal spray in your ear.
Are Invisalign plastic braces safe for your health?
What are your thoughts about stem cells? Will you be doing stem cell use in your clinic in Mexico?
Is using salty water in a Waterpik going to change flora in my mouth in a negative way if I do it every day?
Is a supplement with magnesium stearate detrimental to health?
How do the organisms in fermented food survive the track to the stomach acid?
My partner is hypothyroid and has been taking thyroxine for 15 years. It’s not working. He has fibromyalgia. Would you consider supplementing Lugols iodine along with thyroxine?
When are you gonna open your clinic in Mexico?
I’ve had severe insomnia for 4 years now although I’ve done everything you and everyone else has suggested. Done sleep therapy. Nothing is changing.
Does Britta water filter do anything or is it pointless?
Are there any negative effects of cryotherapy precancerous lesions?
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