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March 2019

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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). I get bloated from almost anything that’s healthy and raw.Any recommendations?
Sleeping too much and not being able to wake up.
Dr. Bergman will you be recording your cruise lectures to share at a later date?
What can be done to expedite the healing of an acute infection i.e. swelling of a gum tissue?
I’m taking intraMAX. Do I need to take other supplements with it?
When is the Mexico clinic going to open?
I’ve read that cooking in the microwave is not more harmful than any other forms of cooking since the time is less and the heat is less. Which school of thought is correct?
My doctor told me not to take curcumin and magnesium together because they cancel each other out. Is that true?
My husband has estrogen positive breast cancer tumor. The tumor is 1,9 cm. He is having a non vascular pain in the tumour area, not attached to skin or muscle. Tumor has seemed to change or shrink since January. Any suggestions?
Censorship on health information.
Is it ok to use Astaxanthin instead of Vitamin C?
I take armour thyroid and I’m ready to go off of it. Better to go cold turkey or to wean myself?
An enlarged prostate what can help?
Would oil pulling with 5 drops of coconut oil and peppermint oil work or do you need to put a drop of peppermint oil on each tooth after the coconut oil pulling?
I’m 49 years old and I have scoliosis. I don’t sleep well and have a lot of aches. Any exercises or things I can do to help myself?
Do you think wearing a trochanter support can reverse or heal an abdominal hernia?
I’m 31 and considering a change of career from business to chiropractic or natural health profession. Are there any decent schools in the US or other countries you can recommend?
Recently had my MRI of brain to be done with and without contrast I refused the one with contrast. Hoping it won’t hinder any important findings. Did I do the right thing?
Is it possible to do a prostate massage on myself?
My corrective chiropractic doesn’t believe in reversing bunions and reversing arthritis. What can I do to reverse those things?
What are the warning signs of a stroke?
My wife has a heart that periodically skips a beat or two. Some days it doesn’t happen but when it does she has to lie down and doesn’t feel well. What can help her?
My arms can go to sleep if I lie on my back for sometime. I do pilates. Any suggestions?
If you were looking for a naturopathic doctor as your primary physician what would be the most significantquestions to ask?
Is it best to sleep on our back?
Mexico Clinic.
Lectures of Dr. Bergman D.C.
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