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February 2019

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Is there a way that I can sweat faster in my far infrared sauna? I have to be there for 20 min before I sweat.
How do we heal pain swelling in the knee? Patellar tendonitis.
How to cure necrotizing spider bites?
Can organic castor oil repair cataracts?
Ruptured PCL in the left knee. What can I do to heal naturally without surgery?
Painful bladder disease, low cholesterol, very low LDL
My husband has Hashimoto’s and I have low thyroid. We started iodine therapy on Dr. David Brownstein’s protocol major detox. My husband was freezing one night and had a fever I had gastrointestinal stuff on and off. Any comments on that?
My husband has progesterone and estrogen-positive cancer, his HER2 is negative. We are choosing the natural path. Any other suggestions?
Have you had any success with children with severe narcolepsy with cataplexy?
I’m pregnant
If you’re pregnant what supplements do you recommend?
What do you think about the Keto craze diet? Is it a viable diet?
Why does my hip pop on when side when I raise my knee towards my chest?
Do you know anything about the WOSCOPS study that shows positive results of using Pravastatin for high cholesterol?
What do you think about NUCCA chiropractic for unstable hips?
Any ideas on how to fix infertility in cats?
Ideas on Dr. Ray Peat?
Is it possible to send information about the products I use (Omega 3 and a Multivitamin) to have your comments on them?
Do statin drugs lower cholesterol?
What can be done to an abscessed tooth before a root canal removal?
My body starts spasms often. I’m doing everything I can like eating organic, healthy food, etc. What else can I do?
Do you recommend any chiropractor in Vermont?
What country do you get spirulina from?
I get headaches and feel sick and often I can see a pattern with the weather. Is that possible or am I just crazy?
Do you ever make group trips to Tijuana dental clinic? I have a mouth full of metal and crowns and need to get rid of them.
Is your clinic in Mexico going to be similar to Sanoviv? Any thoughts on Sanoiviv? I’m going there with my sister. She has progressive MS and is very debilitated at the moment.
Can you explain basic science about the Buteyko breathing method?
After cataract surgery, I will have to use antibiotic and ant
What is your daily regimen of supplements doc?
With ADHD and brain fog for years. Now the doctor wants to do an MRI to rule out any medical issues. Any thoughts?
How do you mitigate the damaging effects of a phone?
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