Member’s Q&A Mastermind
December 2018

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What else is good to be used for the inflammation of joints except medical CBD?
How do you reduce benign tumors in the breasts?
I have thyroid nodules. Why has TSH gone down after I increased iodine on my body?
What can be done about sarcoidosis?
Adult allergic bronchial asthma
Sometimes I get a tingling feeling in my left arm or left leg as I’ve just hit my funny bone. Does it come from my neck? How to fix this?
I’m having trouble bursting my wrist. I have a bursal cyst. What can I do about it?
I’ve had fluid trapped behind my left ear for about a year but it muffles the hearing and occasionally there are loud popping sounds. What can be done?
My 87-year-old mum has a growth on her pituitary gland and fibromyalgia. She was a truck driver for 35 years. What are one or two things she can do just to feel better?
Are there exercises to reverse or prevent facial jowls and turkey neck?
I’m in permanent atrial fibrillation for 20 months. Can you advise what position or type of x
What infrared sauna do you recommend for home use? Is the one from Costco good enough?
My Shetland pony has got joint arthritis. Any advice from the human perspective?
I understand the funny bone feeling in my arm. But why does it sometimes happen to my leg also?
I’ve got a lot of tooth sensitivity I’ve tried many things and it’s still there. Any suggestions?
Do you ever make group trips to Mexico to American Bio Dental Clinic for members who want to have dental work?
Do you know anything about the man called Slim Spurling and his energy tools?
Can you talk about Vitamin D3 and K2 both together and why is it important to get them in a supplement or food form?
Do you think that a new Apple Watch 4 with a heart rate alarm can help people with heart conditions?
My mum is getting soft spots on her head. She had a stroke and different health problems. What is causing that? How to fix it
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