Member’s Q&A Mastermind
April 2019


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What’s going on with your clinic in Mexico and your measles talks?
Do you know what happened last week in Sacramento? (vaccines)
People think if you don’t get a vaccine you put your child in danger and it’s either vaccine or nothing. Is that true?
I get these weird eye prisms in both eyes. What could be causing that?
I’ve been on a fodmap diet for 4 months and still have SIBO symptoms and diarrhea. Any ideas?
Skin tags. What causes them and how to get rid of them naturally?
How to stop ringing in the ear?
What do you think about medicinal mushrooms?
My husband’s breast tumor is getting painful. What else can be done except for infrared sauna?
Breast cancer men and women and direct correlation with oral pathology.
The connection between cancer and EMF radiation and fungus.
Justin, where have your weekly life shows been on youtube?
Please advise on brain cancer. My nephew was diagnosed and he used to work with computers.
What are your thoughts on diatomaceous earth or gut health and parasite removal?
Cystic fibrosis
Problems with digestion
Will these get together with both of you happen once a month?
I haven’t been able to wear form
It’s hard getting high-quality organic vegetables in my area to juice. What about the dried organic juice powder?
What is your wife’s sleep schedule since women need more sleep?
I have done everything suggested about sleep therapy but I still have a hard time sleeping. If I have hormonal problems would sleep therapy help?
My husband has neglected teeth decay. Can prolonged exercises rising pulse up make it more dangerous? What about spreading infection?
My heart beats too fast or too hard on and off. What’s that? What’s causing it?
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