Member’s Hangout March 2018

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What is the best and most accurate way to determine heavy metal toxicity?
I have a runny nose when I get up in the morning, why is that and is there something I can do?
Our goals for the Member Hangouts
Who is Michael Bergman?
Retroperitoneal Fibrosis/ Ormond’s Disease Autoimmune Disease
Thyroid and Adrenals what are the main steps to heal adrenal fatigue?
Fascia Blasting smoothing out muscles, adhesion, and fascia
Chronic Itchiness and skin rash
Past Childhood trauma how do I get my subconscious to leave me alone so I can finally heal?
On thyroid medications for over 20 years and I want to get off the medications. Is there any way to determine if my thyroid would start producing hormones again?
How can you test for or determine BPAs and BPSs?
Is there a connection between raised blood sugar and itchy skin?
I’ve been suffering from cold hands and feet, what is the reason?
Are there people who can’t eat fermented foods and why?
What are good amounts of iodine per day?
What blue light-blocking software do you recommend?
Is there any chart on bacteria needed vs. health issues?
Chronic Muscle spasms happening mostly in the face and head which causes nerve pain.
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What are the key things you should tackle first on the road to achieving optimal health?
Is red light good for fibrosis?
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