Member’s Hangout #1 December 2018


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Website built to train chiropractors.
The health database.
How to convince a skeptical 64 year old man with arrhythmia and severe psoriasis to chiropractic treatment?
What other advice do you have for arrhythmia except chiropractic treatment?
Is an undescended testicle in a child a chiropractic issue?
Cardiac arrhythmia.
Easily bruising on arms and nowhere else. Do you think the relax sauna would help to solve the problem?
Details that are helpful when describing your health challenge.
Thin skin and stomach acid.
Healthy lifestyle protocol.
Proper breathing.
I have a pain in the left front hip where the hip connects to the groin and a lack of flexibility. How can I fix this?
Can EMF negatively effect the electrical signal going through the spine?
Should we eat less lectins with autoimmune to heal the gut? What do you recommend for gut health?
I have a high level of oxytocin and progesterone. Can it be the cause of not getting pregnant? How can I decrease the levels?
Shouldn’t we take minerals for bones? And which ones are safe?
Are fish oils safe? Or are there heavy metals in them?
Is meat inflammatory? How much meat is safe?
Is wearing a bite splint estrogenic?
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