Member’s Q&A Mastermind
June 2019

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Any updates on your clinic in Mexico?
What is your opinion on biofeedback devices and their effect as diagnostic tools?
Do you know the best solution for macular degeneration?
My chiropractor used a 2-pound weight on my head in a helmet and then put me on a vibrating plate. Since then I have a neck, shoulder
and arm pain.
Unwanted weight loss.
They found a Schatzki ring in my body through an endoscope. I want to know what caused this and how to stop it from forming again.
Can fibroids cause chest pain?
How do I make an appointment? You are booked for quite a while, aren’t you?
What causes vertigo after lying down?
How can I stop ruminating? How can I prevent ruminating and the established fear of being sucked into it again?
Any connection between oatmeal and cortisol level?
My son has small kidneys and cysts on his kidneys. He is 21. What can be done?
I went to a chiropractor for over a year once a week. I feel great except I’m still having numbing in my hands.
Is a CA125 test screening for cancer something worth getting when doing a complete blood work
Is it ok to eat yogurt or fermented dairy that you get from the store?
My type 2 diabetic dad thinks that because he injects insulin every day he is no longer diabetic. How can I help him and explain
the truth to him?
What do you think about Ab Belts?
What’s the cause of teeth grinding in children?
Do you still recommend vertical Omega Juicer for your personal juicing?
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