Member’s Q&A Mastermind
July 2019 #2


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What’s the latest news about Mexico Clinic?
Have you had success in treating Spasmodic torticollis?
My mum’s heart rate goes up after eating lunch or dinner and the heart is pounding.
If I do everything correct that you recommend but eat the same types of fruit and veggies every day could it be the reason I still
have symptoms of thyroid dysfunction?
Alkaloids and their impact on health.
I have many health disorders
I was diagnosed with Telogen effluvium. I’ve been losing hair for the last 8 years.
I’ve been working on my dry cough for 10 months and I still have problems with it.
My sister has Pulmonary Fibrosis. What supplements should she take? She’s a professional singer.
Tinnitus and the Vagus nerve.
Severe neck and upper back pain.
Can you share some light on polyunsaturated fatty acids?
Juicing dark leafy greens.
Growth on child
My 27-year-old daughter was conned by a nurse practitioner to get a Gardasil vaccine.
Vaccines on children and pressure from your family.
Stem cell therapy.
Osteoarthritis in the hand. How can I stop the pain in my hand? What do you think about prolotherapy?