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July 2019 #1

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What do you think about glandular supplements from standard process. Is there any value?
My lower back disc bulges at the SI joint and I have back pain for about a year.
How do you treat a hernia?
My dad has been diagnosed with Lymphedema and has complications that can be fatal. Has anyone ever cured it?
Is there any chiropractic advice on getting wisdom teeth pulled?
What would be the ideal natural soap and shampoo?
I started getting varicose looking veins on my left calf and it’s tender in that area. Any natural remedies?
I have osteoarthritis in my left hip joint. I’ve done many different therapies and nothing helps.
Will your cruise lectures be published at any point?
Rubbing berries on your skin to repopulate bacteria. Which berries can be done on small children with eczema as well?
Turmeric and coconut oil as remedies for headaches.
Health protocols.
I feel daily stress in the middle of my thoracic spine. What are some exercises and stretches that may help me?
Are there any contraindications for a 91
Do you recommend any mineral supplements?
Can you give us more information about your Overland Park talk?
What causes Craniosynostosis?
Do you know any natural cures for a baker’s cyst?
What’s the best way to get a 33
Do you know anything about the sonogram? Is it safe for pregnant women?
I have a friend who had an entire colon removed and she has pain from the nerve damage. Any recommendations on how to heal?
I got hit with a rock in the arch of the foot but it didn’t really hurt. 4 hours later I couldn’t put any pressure on it. Is it a
compartment syndrome?
What if your mouth is too small for wisdom teeth?
I’ve got a good corrective chiropractor but they don’t adjust extremities.
Do you have a directory of chiropractors around the world?
Do you know a good corrective chiropractor in Tennessee?
How often should a chiropractor be doing repeat X
Nutritional response testing
I’m on vacation in August in Huntington Beach. Can I get one of those blocks and the neck curve tool if I get into the office?
How to cure cartilage issues in the knee?
Supplements with meals.
Yeast is found in vaccines to trigger autoimmune disorders. What are your thoughts on it?
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