Dr. B Live #1 Replay – March 21, 2021


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In this talk we discuss…
Mrs. Brown is from Canada and teaches online now. Children wearing masks. Ways to cure Covid.
Bill Gates and WHO
Dr. Bergman D.C. is on his boat. How are Dr. B’s son and his wife doing in Poland.
Dr. B is training people about adaptations. Al had back surgery.
How are Justin’s kids doing.
Open-ended questions time. Numbness in the feet. They are turning yellow despite being on a good diet.
Why do we lose stomach acid when we get older?
What harm does high blood pressure do and have you bring it down?
How do you help with synovial knee inflammation? I put knee braces on every day and I also have flat feet.
I’m allergic to chlorella and spirulina. What can I take instead?
What about drinking vinegar every day?
Knee problems. Exercises of legs with the weight on the ankles.
How can I get rid of recurring abscesses, ie on the stomach? I also had hidradenitis suppurativa prior, currently in remission.
How do we get stats on blood pressure medication and statins and how many people still had heart issues?
I have a friend who is 47, has had 2 heart attacks, and just had blood cancer. 3 months ago he was getting sore on the side of his tongue but after removing bacon from his diet, he no longer gets it. Why?
I need something for pain. I took myself off my medicines. I have 7 messed-up discs, arthritis, bursitis, and neuropathy.
My foot is pronated or supinated. How can I get rid of that?
How far out are you booked in Mexico?
I have something on my hand and I can’t get rid of it. It’s a swelling of the skin and it blisters.
I had a glitch in my biceps, sort of weak, weird feeling and it moved to the joint. It’s difficult to raise my arm.
Working out, 3 days after doing upper body I literally couldn’t move my shoulder and had no strength in my hand.
I have mild scoliosis found in an X-ray a few years ago. I’m 65. Can I expect it to get worse and what can I do?
How often you should take papaya seeds? Is there a way to have ozone therapy at home?
I had a hip replacement and since then I developed lymphedema. I wear funny stockings. Is there anything else that could help?
The full-body tomography. Live blood analysis. Full-body digital x-rays.
How does colloidal silver affect your body system internally? Does it affect viruses and bacteria?
Johnson&Johnson Covid Vaccine. Why the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have to be kept cold?
My father-in-law just had hernia surgery and he’s not recovering well. He can’t pass a bowel movement.
I have a bacterial infection that my doctor can’t find for over a year.
My father-in-law has dementia. What tips can you give me to reverse dementia or not make it worse?
Any recommendations for the liquid omegas
How often do we need to wear trochanter support?
Do you have an opinion on these aqua cure machines?
Mould, fungus, and parasite testing. Is there a one “catch-all test” you can do?
In 1990 I had surgery on my hammer toes. But the hammer toes came back. My knees crunch. One of my legs is shorter than the other.
I’m 85 years old, and all my family and government push me to get the vaccine which I refused.