Course: The Three Stressors & How To Reverse Them!


Course Length: 24 videos, 2 hours 34 minutes 46 seconds

This month is all about decreasing your stressors and there are 3 basics types of stress Chemical, Physical and Emotional Stress. Your body responds the same to all 3 types and stress if it’s chronic stress will take a major toll on your body over time.

Chronic Stress is the reason why we’re seeing such a massive rise in Non-Communicable diseases… those are diseases you can’t catch, you have to earn.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • How to reprogram your brain
  • Why excess exercise is damaging
  • How to get rid of depression, mental illness & emotional stress
  • How sleep deficiency impacts your health
  • Why water is critical
  • The role of iodine and your health
  • and so much more!

Watch Full Course Below

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