Course: Ignorance vs Enlightenment


Course Overview:

Course Length: 1 video – 0h:49m:38s

In this course, we talk about many health topics that bring enlightenment to people’s lives.

We cover…

  • Ignorance vs Enlightenment (Dr. John Bergman D.C.)
  • Immune System and Genes (Dr. John Bergman D.C.)
  • Holistic Dentistry (Alessandro Porcella)
  • Vaccines Propaganda (Dr. Tim O’Shea D.C,)
  • Hormones And Cerebellum (Dr. John Bergman D.C.)
  • Gut And Brain Connection (Dr. John Bergman D.C.)
  • Financial Wealth (Dr. Tom McFie)
  • And much more!

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Lessons in this course: