Course: Building Invincible Immunity


Course Length: 32 videos – 05h:13m:37s

Your immune system is EVERYTHING. Without a properly functioning immune system, you will succumb to every disease out there. Your body will get infections, cancer, heart attacks, and every other sickness that’s currently ravaging our culture today. We must stop this!

Too many people are dying because of a lack of knowledge. We were not taught this kind of information in schools and we should have been.

Is there one magic bullet that will strengthen your immune system or is it a more comprehensive approach? The answer is both.

In this course we cover…

  • What causes our immune system to tank (it’s not what you think)
  • The 4 major components of the immune system & how to optimize them
  • Lifestyle practices that are more powerful than foods and herbs
  • How vaccines & medications affect your immunity & what to do about it!
  • The role of your microbiome in strengthening your immunity
  • Why emotions can trigger an immune response & how to fix it
  • 6 special nutrients to boost your immunity
  • Specific solutions to common health challenges
  • And so much more!

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