Course: Bone Health


Course Length: 18 videos – 02h:54m:10s

When we get older, our bones generally tend to get more brittle and less supple. Bones are not meant to be rigid and hard.

Bones are meant to be strong AND flexible like bamboo. As we continue to displace calcium in our bodies, our bones tend to store heavy metals and become brittle.

In this course, we cover how to keep the bones strong and flexible as we age.

We cover…

  • How toxins affect our bones
  • Why nutrients matter and which nutriets help build bones
  • Key ways you can improve the strength and flexibility of your boens
  • How to prevent and heal bone diseases
  • How you can keep strong bones all the days of your life
  • How to restore proper structre and function of your bones
  • And much more!

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