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Can’t digest. What is the stressor? Currently: can’t digest even lightest foods, low stomach acid, stomach-gut pain, heart palpitations, very thin, lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks keep losing half-pound daily, sleep quality started dropping, getting tense when sitting or standing still, suspecting ADHD, acne for 10 years, scoliosis, low back pain if sitting correctly
Past problems: lost swallowing reflex for 2 years, asthma, regular vomiting/ abdominal pain/ diarrhea for 2-3 years.
Took betaine HCL with 3 types of enzymes for 3 months. Weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, heart palpitations, stomach issues disappeared. 2 weeks ago the Betain and enzymes stopped working so problems are back except the vomiting.
Gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy-free, organic plant-based diet. Walking 1 hour daily. Emotionally okay.
Attached spine X-ray from before chiropractic treatment. Areas corrected after C1-2, T1-2, T3, T6, SI
Chiro didn’t correct scoliosis. Said my asymmetric eyes and would remake scoliosis.
Vagus nerve damage or digestion? Problems: Acne since the age of 12. Woke up every night to pee for 10 years. Lost swallowing reflex at the age of 18 for 2 years, had panic attacks for that time. Slowly regained swallowing reflex without lifestyle change. Heart palpitations for the next 3 years and low energy, brain fog. After, I probably lost the ability to make enough stomach acid, because had vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal pain often. Took Betain HCL with 3 types of enzymes and stomach/gut problems disappeared. Went to the Chiropractor you recommended. My sleep and energy are much better, but my stomach is much worse. Can no longer digest even the lightest foods like boiled potatoes.
Bowel movement 1 daily. I believe all of these were caused by the vagus nerve. I am gluten, dairy, sugar, soy-free, eating organic food. Feel good emotionally, sleep decently, just got adjusted, and do sports. Dunno what is wrong.
Fish oil… DHA EPA. Dr. B, I have listened to many functional people including Dr. Gundry state that we need a fish oil supplement daily I have also heard functional med people say we can flood our bodies with too much oil and it is not necessary to take DHA and EPA as our bodies make it as we need it if the body has the right resources.
Stomach Pain and Xrays for Dr. B. Hi, dr Bergman still struggling with abdominal pain I had a chiropractor manipulate my neck without Xrays ever since this I still have the abdominal pain but now feel very of balance congested in my head, and a range of other symptoms like depression, they had me lay down on my side when they did this! These are the X-rays I have from after seeing them!
Anion Gap & Blood pH? My 58-year-old husband has been a Marine Mechanic for 41 years here in Florida. He has been working hard and sweating profusely all summer. He started to feel weird (kinda spent feeling, or like the oxygen is not effective when he’s under heavy exertion.)
He just listens to his body and he will get out of the boat and sit for a minute and it goes away. This started a few weeks ago, so we had his blood drawn. Everything looks great except he had a low anion gap on the CMP. Anion Gap was 6.
A couple of weeks later he was feeling bad so we checked it again this time Anion Gap was 4. Since then we have been making sure he drinks a gallon of water a day, eating lots of fermented foods, a plant-based diet, and less organic red wine. He feels better and the sensation hasn’t happened in a few days.
Does a low anion gap mean your blood PH is off? And does that means he is too alkaline? Which seems strange. Or is it maybe being right on the brink of an electrolyte imbalance.
Question for Dr. B. If above 118 degrees kills the enzymes or ‘life’ in the food, then is roasting, steaming, sautéing, etc in terms of cooking bad for us?
The raw foodist community talks about how we in nature would eat the greens first before the tubers & root vegetables, for example, the green ops of a carrot before the carrot itself.
They also say cooking food breaks the fiber down into simple sugars, therefore not feeding the probiotics, healthy gut bacteria. And that it gives brain fog.
Would I be less healthy eating all raw than adding steamed potatoes and carrots?
I want to be 100% healthy regardless of what it takes.
Obviously seasonal, organic plant-based with juicing & blending is key.
I see recommendations to cut animal products on the academy, then raw dairy or small fish is recommended for K2 and omega 3s.
Is it wiser to obtain these nutrients without any animal products? as I am using chia, flax, and algae for the latter at the minute.
Lastly, what are your thoughts on eating insects instead of animals for protein (crickets, etc)?
Balancing Supplements and Self-Diagnosis
HIV…weaning off Arv’s. how do you view the suppressive effect of my combination ARV tablet, and from that can you give your idea of a wean off plan, including suggestions of a possible protocol to bolster/support my immune system in the process”.
The blurb accompanying my efavirenz/emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil tablet says that the ARV stops virus replication by interfering with an enzyme enabling reverse transcriptase. I don’t trust the “science” of the medical establishment, so wonder about these claims. Maybe the arvs just act indiscriminately, thus disordering my whole virome balance.
And toxicity is system pervasive!
Ps. I am a homeopath, in rural Kenya 14 yrs, returned the UK past 3 years.
Hip pain. I am 70 with hip issues. No chiropractor successfully answered the 7 questions not even 3. With chiropractic appointments twice a week for several months finally, I commented that I was worse and not better. Next step orthopedist. Without x-rays, the diagnosis was L4 and L5 problems. He explained that he would give me a cortisone shot in my spine and if it did not work then he would take x-rays. The insurance company will only pay if the shot of cortisone is first and the x-rays are second. Later he determined that maybe this was not my back but my hip. Now x-rays. Then the shot of cortisone in my hip. The x-rays revealed no cartilage in my right hip and scoliosis. I would like an appointment and time frame for repairs. I am moving on to physical therapy.
Can you recommend any corrective chiropractors in the Southeast Valley area of Phoenix, which is the Chandler/Gilbert/Mesa area?
hydrogel and carbon fullerenes The hydrogel name is appearing on many products now, including my disposable contact lenses and some cosmetic/facial treatment products. Before continuing to use them I wanted to find out if hydrogel really contains fullerenes, or other types of damaging nanoparticles, as is being alleged by some environmental groups online.
On Friends of the Earth’s website I read that “cosmetics companies are using ingredients that include nano-scale metal oxides, carbon spheres called “fullerenes,” and “nanocapsules” designed to penetrate deeper layers of skin.”
On another website, it stated “studies have shown that carbon fullerenes, which are currently being used in moisturizers and some face creams, have the potential to cause brain damage. C60 fullerenes have demonstrated genotoxicity with a strong correlation between fullerene concentration and genotoxic response. Fullerenes have even been found to be toxic to vascular endothelial cells. The endothelium is directly involved in peripheral vascular disease, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, chronic kidney failure, tumor growth, metastasis, venous thrombosis, and severe viral infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerosis.”
It seems companies do not have to disclose this information and I am concerned that we may be getting dosed with harmful nanoparticles, without our knowledge. I would like to know if there is a way to get rid of nanobots, once they have been “launched” into your body.
Is there a way to find out if these nano-scale ingredients are being used in other everyday products, such as food?
shoulder pain/like frozen but not quite. My wife has for 2 months now been receiving chiropractic care to help severe pain in her left arm shoulder, she has restricted movement but now after 2 months her movement is even more restricted we are wondering if it is worse before it gets a better situation.
My wife has a slight curvature of the back in the form of scoliosis.
Headaches from using Posture pump Been suffering from throbbing headaches for about 15 years. It mainly happens at night, if I sleep on my back. They stopped after being adjusted but came back again when I started using the posture pump. Tried switching to doing the exercises that you show in your videos instead
of the posture pump and so far I haven’t had any issues. My question is this, will those exercises give the same results as the posture pump?
Bergman 7 questions to ask your chiropractor. In that video, you mentioned that IF one found a Dr. that was willing to do some/all of your protocol that you invited him to call you if he/or she had any questions on any of it. The doctor I found here, said my condition was one of the worst he’d seen. It was addressed via the x-rays on your Q/A of July 2020.
I found such a doctor here in Tucson, AZ. The trouble I have had in general is that you are VERY hard to contact. If you could help out on this I would appreciate it. The local Dr. is Gabe Skrill D.C. in Tucson AZ. PS/ the neck exercises are of real help. Mobility has returned a lot!
Strengthening My Eyes. I have had an issue with my eyes for a very long time now since I was a boy (I’m 32). If I am tired or sleepy or if I am daydreaming and my eyes are not focused on anything in particular my eyes would cross. When my eyes do cross I can straighten them if I want to, but I’m wondering if there is something I can do to strengthen them so they don’t cross.
Allergic Conjunctivitis my 3-year-old keeps rubbing her eyes and complaining that they hurt. The Ophthalmologist prescribed medicated eye drops and says it’s an allergic reaction to UV rays of the sun (allergic conjunctivitis). She is outdoors for a few hours a day but we try to keep her in the shade or place a hat on her. We don’t use SPF, she isn’t vaccinated, she’s doesn’t get sick, etc. What can be causing this and is there anything we can do to help her without the medicated eye drops?