Ask Dr. B – November 2020

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Is there a self-care treatment to shrink a cyst on the scalp? By AZSunsets
Bone spurs and carpal tunnel. Can you make recommendations for painful gout in the hands and feet of a 30-year-old man?
the best water to drink I am building a new home and I plan to install the live pristine water system under the kitchen sink which is R.O. plus remineralization and then adding a component that makes it as it came from a stream. Is that what they refer to as “Structured”? I also ordered an Aqua Cure and am drinking the hydrogen water. The maker of Aquacure requires distilled water with his machine that infuses hydrogen into the water and in his video, he mentions that people really should be drinking distilled water instead of R.O. water. I have also heard that R.O. water is very acidic. What is your recommendation for the best drinking water an and can you define “structured water”?
Back in 2019, I began to feel overheated, suddenly it was getting harder to inhale, like having a belt around my chest. It lasted the whole day, getting worse at times. I got an x-ray on my lungs but they didn’t find anything. They gave me albuterol which only made it worse.
a year later, and the problem is still here, sometimes I can get a deep breath in if I lift my diaphragm up but that doesn’t always work, other times I feel like I’m on the verge of suffocating to death and it’s almost unbearable.
Sometimes it gets worse with heat or too much caffeine, and sometimes when it hits I can’t even sneeze because my lungs won’t expand enough. Other symptoms include quick sharp chest pains in the center when I try to inhale, and sometimes dizziness and nausea, and heart palpitations.
Also, about 18 years ago, I had a surgery where both lymph nodes were swollen and had to be removed, but in the process, the Dr snipped both nerves that connected to my trapezius muscles. This is causing my shoulders to hunch forward, could that be pinching a nerve that connects to my breathing somehow
Spine, Digestion, and Sleep Problems. Problems: poor digestion, scoliosis, hip instability, poor sleep, acne, red skin around the nose.
Diet: Organic plant-based, grain and sugar-free, rarely organic dairy, no medications.
Emotionally good.
Walking daily.
Doing the exercises you recommended for: neck curve, calf stretch, gas pedaling, spinning by throwing arms behind myself, inversion table, wearing trochanter support. How long per day and how tight should I wear trochanter support?
Following your tips on sleep.
Ruined my spine over the years by sitting in a banana posture with no exercise.
Have a standing table, no longer sitting. Reduced fungal infection on the right foot.
Right foot, small bunion.
Tried doing other exercises, for strength, but digestion and sleep got worse.
No access to a good chiropractor again, so I have to help myself.
Attached my X-ray pictures, (2019 pic before started dieting). Based on the X-ray, what exercises/other things can I do to get a better spine, sleep, and digestion?
Whenever I get hot or overheated I get this prickly, stinging, itch all over my body. I can not be in sunlight, exercise, or even be in any hot environment because of this. The only recommendation I am getting is to take anti-histamines. Can help me figure out what this is and how to fix this.
I experience some brief points of dizziness while driving. I am sure it does it more often but shows up more when driving. It only lasts like 3 seconds but they come and go every minute or so. Sometimes at a point, I cannot focus on the road. My brain goes into the nervous mode and things I am about to run off the road.
I have had blood work done, the doctor says nothing out of the normal show-up. I have had an MRI, it showed all normal. Whatever that means.
What I do notice more than anything is the area between my ear and eyes, Lymph I think, and is also where some of my headaches show up, there is a lot of tension. I can rub it to make it feel better and it helps. This starts up in the morning and gets worse toward noon but then about 4 or 5 p.m., it tends to subside.
So, do you think I am dealing with a Thyroid, Adrenals, Lymph, etc? I am also a year into this.
One other thing, about the same time, I had a root canal but the dentist I use does not use mercury. I really don’t know what she uses. I heard on one of the broadcasts that you guys use a dentist here in Texas that might help me with. You also indicated to get rid of your root canals. Is that still true?
My second issue is “Fear of Height”. I have been dealing with this since I was a child. It’s getting worse now that I am 58 years old. Bridges with long drop offsides. I have had a brain scan done and it shows at some point in my life, I had some brain trauma. I played football in high school and was knocked out for a few minutes.
I experienced a pinched nerve in my right shoulder while playing one game. I was out for 2 weeks, then I recovered and was fine.
I have a patient who has eye tension, with the feeling of the eyes pulling right, and the feeling of rapid eye movement even when the eyes may not be showing movement outwardly. This happened after a car accident and the left part of her head hit the driver’s side window 2 years ago. I have adjusted C1 and C2, but she gets worse on occasion with the symptoms, but not always. She did have numbness in her cheeks and lips but that has been corrected now. Any suggestions?
My Dr. has switched to a Pro-Adjuster… a computer that finds changes in the disc and beat them back in.
I would like to know if it is better than the manual way?