Ask Dr. B May 2020

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Corona Vaccine and other vaccines. How do we detox from this even if it breaks the brain barrier. Is there anything we can do beforehand as well?
Glaucoma? Aphakic removed the lens from congenital cataracts, detached retina. What causes eye pressure? How to remedy it?
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis I was told after years of back pain that I have DISH in my thoracic spine. What can I do about it? Where should I start to heal this if possible?
My sister, in her 60s, has a low white count. She feels tired. She has Parkinson’s, takes a small dose of levodopa and lots of supplements, and a low carb diet. Any thoughts about why she’s tired?
Graves’ disease. My friend’s eyes were coming out of the eye socket. She is diabetic taking metformin. Her thyroid level was high so the doctor gave her radiation. She’s taking thyroid tablets. Her eyes are still out of the socket.
I am currently taking digestive enzymes with each meal for low hydrochloric acid. I am wondering if a hydrochloric acid supplement is the better way to go?
Is low vitamin D a cause or contributor to shortness of breath? I have Lyme complex and hypothyroidism. Any insight on how low Vit D or adaptations to infections would affect lung function? What is the optimal level of Vit D?
One of my patient’s little girl 11 years old but can’t progress in school. Short term memory problem. Brain-damaged by vaccines and possible C-section birth. What would you recommend on treatments for this kid?
Why is there a protocol to vaccinate (rabies /tetanus) on dog bites or metal injury? How will it help when you already have the virus? Won’t the innate immunity kick in first?
Legs and feet. I have been living with pain and fatigue in my legs and feet every day for many years. Flat foot – very small arch has arrived. A wound under the foot is healed after several years. What would you suggest – to get through the day?
Arthritis. My husband suffers from arthritis in his hand and fingers to the point of disfigurement. He is 63 and takes 6 meds for AFIB. Are one or more of these drugs causing this?
Tick bite treatment.
How do I know if I have a forward head carriage, and how can I find a chiropractor here in my home state of Wisconsin? I have a chiropractor but he doesn’t take X-rays.
Speech problems. I’ve mumbled for as long as I can remember. I try to speak clearer all the time but I still have a hard time pronouncing some words. Anything I can do?
Any tips on how to shop for the right Vitamin A, E, and the right wholefood vitamin C? Dosage, and brands? Is Retinyl acetate acceptable? My only “dietary restriction” is keto.
What would you recommend for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?
My question is for my 8-year-old who has an eczema-like patch on her hands for almost a year. It keeps flaring up and does not heal. She has been gluten and dairy-free and eats clean.
Rebounding. About 18 years ago my mother-in-law broke her back and was hospitalized for several weeks. She had back problems before this. She suffers from sciatica and bulging of the discs. Would doing the health bounce every day for 10-15 mins benefit her back or make it worse?
Cyst on the tail of pancreas and causes.
Coronavirus and Gates. Do you have anything in mind on how we as Americans get the info out on what’s going to happen if we don’t stop this? Organize rallies?
Poisonous snake bites. We boat in an area that has copperheads, water moccasins, and rattlers. Is there a natural way to treat a bite without going to a hospital?
Broken capillaries on my face, varicose veins, and arthritis of the spine. I have many disc bulges, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis, and bone spurs. I am in constant pain. Also had gallbladder removed. Have several nodules on Thyroid. Can’t lose weight and have hair where should not be and no energy most days.
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