Ask Dr. B – March 2020

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I have scoliosis and I suspect it’s causing heart palpitations. What can I do if I don’t have access to a good chiropractor?
Have you ever had clients that had a synovial cyst on their picky finger? Can it infect the entire spine?
What is your approach to eliminating mycotoxins in the body from mold exposure? I have high levels and it’s affecting my energy.
I’m going to buy C-Vitamins for our family and invest in D3, Mg, and so on… according to Covid-19 Panic Survival Plan but don’t know what source to choose. Where can I read about “what to look for” when choosing my supplements?
I heard that magnesium is good for arthritis. I was wondering what type and dosage of magnesium I should buy? Also can too much calcium cause arthritis?
My mom has had for a few months inner ear blockage. It is on both sides but tends to focus more on the left side. Just wondering what she can do to try and help relieve the congestion?
Kindly suggest an effective method for sciatica pain treatment. The chiro aligned the lower extremities, fixed the pelvic and hip misalignments; the back pain reduced, the pain radiating down the legs, and numbness still persists.
Both my daughter (14) and my wife (37) suffer from anxiety. I’m curious as to what would be good ways to treat anxiety?
Do you know of any specific protocol to follow to get back the natural perfect 20 20 vision?
I have been having some problems with some A-fib (Atrial fibrillation). Wanting to know how to control it naturally.
Dehydration. In the morning my fingertips are full and plump. After about an hour after waking up, they shrink and become ‘pruney’ for the rest of the day. I Have LADA diabetes. Any thoughts on how to remedy the situation?
I would really love to hear your comments on 5G as well as specific protocols to follow in order of most importance, and the details as far as the product, best place, and brand to get, dosage, how often.
Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. What do you think about it?
If Coronavirus is like all other viruses, why it killed lots of people in China and Iran in a short time?
My neurologist thinks that my leg weakness and lack of balance is due to 5 herniated disc in the lumbar region and that I need surgery. I lost 50 lbs over a 3 year period mostly in the 9 months. They also said that my brain has shrunk below average for my age of 75.
Since my first pregnancy, I can’t have sufficient sleep. I had my first girl with C-section, cause of breech, I had postpartum depression for about 3 years. The second at home was a surprise gender, but the position appeared also surprise – breech. I had many emotional problems afterward and now I feel totally exhausted.
What can be done to restore peripheral vision after a stroke?
Would you be able to address some general information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Where did it come from? Best ways to combat it? How serious is this? Is it really a pandemic?
My 30 yr old son who is an F18 Fighter Pilot developed PVCs on his routine physical that included an EKG. This Sept He will have to wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs and his PVC’s must be below 10% of total heartbeats to avoid being grounded. Do you think this will right itself? Is there more we can do? I give him a B- on his diet. He loves chicken nuggets.
I’ve been feeling quite down for the past several years, just low mood, low energy/motivation. I had some lab work 3 years ago – my testosterone levels were in the 600’s, TSH – 2, and cortisol levels were high from the adrenal salivary test. Is this related to gut issues? A local AK chiropractor said I have SIBO and gut dysbiosis. What are 3-4 things I can do to help me feel noticeable different?
How do you define itching? What is the mechanism of itching? I believe it is caused by some sort of nerve irritation. I understand by changing to a plant-based diet and doing exercise every day we can get rid of these issues. Is there any other way to treat the itching?
What is the cause of my lack of taste? I am 65 and for the last couple of years, my sense of taste has diminished. My sense of smell is not strong either.
Dystonia. This woman picks up an object with her left hand then sometimes at a certain angle of the elbow her hand starts to shake violently. Her right hand is perfectly fine. She is diabetic and taking metformin and insulin shots. Her Dr. told her she does not have Alzheimer’s disease. What may cause this and a possible solution?
Kindly advise if someone with a Spondylolisthesis could be cured? I understand that in such a case a vertebra is broken and slips off the main spinal axis. Thanks
I woke up Monday morning and my left arm was sore, I thought it was a stroke. I have hypertension, sleep apnea, and stress. Today is Wed the pain has subsided but I still can’t raise my arm. This came on by itself I did not fall or anything. Do you have any idea as to what this could be?
Bone cancer. Need to know what natural protocol to start my healing process. Please help!
My 70 y/o husband went to lift my 48lb suitcase up and felt 2 snaps in his right arm bicep in the lower part of the bicep where it connects to the elbow and felt immediate pain. It looks like half of the lower part of the arm muscle is gone or concaved. What should he be doing to repair this and to get his strength back?
My friend’s mother has a condition called Hyperhidrosis. She starts sweating profusely when the temperature goes above 70 degrees. Can you offer me any solutions that worked for you? Your response is greatly appreciated.
Is there a possibility of an engineered virus, that could integrate a simple cold virus with another HIV-like virus, that would leave survivors with a severe threat of developing full-blown AIDS? If so, could that possibly be the reasoning for the world’s governmental reaction of quarantines and lockdowns of borders with the coronavirus outbreak?
Do you know of any UK based chiropractors who have the same philosophy and practices as you? I have scoliosis with osteoporosis.
My wife is on coumadin for the rest of her life. She has a metal heart valve. She has been having nose bleeds. I think her blood vessels are very weak in her nose. They had to put in a 5in plug twice to stop the bleeding.
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