Ask Dr. B June 2020

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Earthing/grounding – Have you read about or studied anything about earthing, also called grounding? If so what is your opinion of it? I have read that it breaks up the stuck together blood cells as well as providing other general health benefits.
Hip pain – can you translate this please and what treatment is necessary
Cholesterol and thyroid. A friend of mine was taking blood pressure and thyroid medication for the last 20 years. Without the medication, her blood pressure will go as high as 200 /120. When I saw her two months back I suggested her to change her diet to vegan raw vegetable. She did that her blood pressure dropped to 120/80 within a month and she is feeling better. She had a recent blood test. The result shows cholesterol – 262, HDL – 61, LDL – 172, and Triglycerides – 144, and Thyroid TSH went up 4.56 to 12.40. T3 – 3.0 in range. T4 – 1.1 in range. As I understand when cholesterol goes up then the thyroid will go down. I this case both are up.
Acne, SIBO like Symptoms, Waking up at night, hip stability
My conditions I asked about before: acne for years, regular vomiting, diarrhea, scoliosis with slightly painful heartbeats a few times a week.
I live in Hungary, could not yet get to chiropractors you suggested in Belgium/England, but I will as soon as possible. In the meantime, I am looking for trochanter support, but found products called ’Sacroiliac hip belts’. Are these the same? Any exercises I can do in addition to Full Body Restorative Exercises?
Took Betaine HCL with 3 types of enzymes for low stomach acid. It worked wonders. Finally managed to gain weight, abdominal pains, vomiting, and diarrhea completely disappeared. Now can eat vegetables and fruits that are not on the GAPS diet.
Acne lessened but re-appears with redness around nose after eating sweet fruits. Could be candida, but I eat probiotics, coconut oil, turmeric. Watched a sleeping course, still wake up to pee.
My son fell off a 2&1/2 story roof and landed on his right foot. My son broke his leg in so many places and really messed up his leg, and ankle. He has pins and bolts in the leg and is still in pain after 10 yrs. He has one leg longer than the other. His ankle swells up and he is taking something that helps with the pain. I don’t know the name. But I need to ask what can he do to help with the pain. The doctor told him he would have to live with it. He doesn’t like to take anything but the pain is bad.
I got some UBIQUINOL and in the ingredients, there’s TILAPIA which belongs with the bottom feeders and is the worst thing to take. So I just wanted to inform you and make sure others are aware of this as well.
Surgery on the rotator cuff, the Bone spur was seen by an orthopedic surgeon, who stated my supraspinatus tendon full tear, was caused by a bone spur. What causes a bone spur on the shoulder? I had a bone spur on my heel 10 years ago. Is surgery really needed?
Is this a leaky gut? My 5 year old started going to the Chiro. Has had trouble with going to the bathroom and also lots of allergies.
I would like to know if there is anything to make my skin tougher? It seems that thing’s that I touch hurt. I feel more pain. Is there anything I can do?
My son and his wife both have hypothyroidism and they both have trouble loosening weight. They do drink diet coke. I have tried to tell them how bad it is for them but they still drink it. I don’t know if this is part of the reason they can’t lose weight.
Hair fall & Skin issues. I have been treating my facial skin from Melasma for 5 years now and I have gone through so many treatments from lasers to all kinds of new technology treatments that I was advised by the skin clinics in London and they have cost me a fortune so far without any good result, in fact, it got worse. I finally started using Obagi Nu-Derm. prescribed by a skin specialist that is showing some positive results. I know all it is doing is suppressing the Melasma, but I want to really cure it of the root which I know everyone has told me so far that it will never go away.
My other main issue is hair fall, I have followed treatments for that as well with Minoxidil and laser treatments but needless to say, no improvement. Despite my age and all that, I really want to restore my skin and hair to a healthy state. I understand that nutrition plays a big role in all that and I would appreciate it if you could give me your advice on these two issues. I have had a blood test recently and everything is normal, my doc said I have nothing to worry about.
Water. If the body is intelligent and it tells us what it needs like we feel hungry when it needs energy when it’s ready with the waste then we have to visit the loo. So why can’t we just drink water when we feel thirsty (assuming we are conscious about it)? Why is there a trend to drink a certain amount of water every day?
How do I know if I have low stomach acid or not and what’s the solution?
Restless legs. What causes it and can you stop it?
My toes are getting deformed and starting to cross over. The toenails are becoming thick I am also getting really thick calluses on the bottom of my feet. I soak my feet with Epsom salt. Once or twice a week. I would like to know what I can use that’s natural. They’re starting to hurt when I walk.
What could be the reason for the bad face acne of a young 12-year-old kid? What are the treatments? Could low stomach acid be the reason for a 12-year-old kid?
On my right foot, my joint is bone to bone As you can see my big toe is also going to the right my second toe is changing and crossing over my big toe. My foot is now starting to hurt more and I have to walk differently. What can I do to stop and return them?
Detoxing after vaccinating. I have 6 and 8 years old kids, fully vaccinated. Want to know if there are ways that I can do now to reduce the adverse effects of the vaccines or it’s already too late. Also if there is a way to remove or clean the heavy metals, is there a way to clean out all those animal or human tissues injected through vaccine in kids or our body as adults?
My one arm seems to go numb. If I am standing or sitting and I bend my arm just from the elbow for a few minutes it starts to go numb. It’s been like this for a while when I straighten it out I can feel it going back to normal.
Muscle problems. I haven’t been exercising that often and I get pain in my arms. I just started to exercise because of that but it seems it takes longer for my muscles to recover. I would like to know if that is normal? And if I start on an exercise routine will that help me regain my strength? I should add I am 72.
Cervical disc regeneration. The D.O. said I had disc problems in the neck does not subscribe to rebuilding naturally. I am in my 60’s single and live in Tucson AZ. Had other spine issues that seem to have gone away.
Varicose veins. I’ve got a pretty nasty and big varicose vein on the back of my leg, behind my knee, that has extended down my calf. It hurts on occasion, but it just feels heavy, and it’s just plain gross looking. Should I remove it?
Do you work online? I live in MI and would love to get help with my back. I am seeing a chiropractor now and he says he can only maintain it not fix it, He said I have spondylosis, Can you help me on line with this and I would like to get off blood pressure medicine
Toenail Discoloration & Thickness I’ve been experiencing multi-colored (blackish-brown, yellowish-orange, white) toenail discoloration and thickness for the last 3-5yrs, along with skin symptoms which may or may not be related. Test results reveal Non-Dermatophyte Isolate. My own research points to the strong possibility of exposure to Alternaria Alternata via blight. I’ll soon be 57 yrs. old; I’ve had my fair share of exposure to this possibility through many different situations including lawn care (air pollution in general) where blighted leaves fall to the ground in the fall; mixes in with the lawn mowed grass clippings, dirt and dust whipped up by neighborhood lawnmowers and street sweepers. I would give anything to live the rest of my life being able to bare my toes & feet in public with clear, healthy-looking toenails free from strange stares and glances.
I have a Cavity and a tooth Infection Any idea how to fix that naturally?
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