Ask Dr. B – July 2020


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PEMF healing pads. What are your thoughts on using these pads to maintain or increase health?
Patella tracking. How do you know if the patella is not tracking correctly without taking an X-ray and how to correct it?
I am a 62-year-old female. I have a lot of pain in my feet. My bones are moving and now I have pretty bad bunions and hammertoes after years of trying things like “correct toes”, needling, massage, a little Chiropractic, nutrition, larger shoe toe box, etc.
My son is 28 months and completely vaccine free, with no meds. Healthy and smart. About 2 weeks ago he started excessive eye blinking and exaggerated squinting. Adjustment, mineral deficiency?
In the past, I had shingles in the left groin area. I went to a chiropractor lately. After a few hours, I broke out with a rash in the same area where shingles happened. How can I get my nerves adjusted so I can prevent the same issues?
The hematologist said that my low white blood cell count may be normal for me. She wants to start treatment with Zarzio.
My 15 y.o. son fell and hurt his elbow. There is a hole in the bone. The orthopedist said it’s normal.
Is emphysema possible to reverse? Also, why do the muscles under the rib cage become flat and stiff?
I heard that someone who has COVID and is asymptomatic can still have severe or permanent lung damage.
Is it possible to have it and feel nothing, breathe normally, etc? Is it possible to reverse severe lung damage?
I’ve had an MRSA staph infection for years. It’s better since losing weight, but not gone away. What can I do?
My 31-year-old son’s neck was at -7. They got it to around +2. He will have no treatment for about 9 months due to being deployed to Japan. Will he lose the ground he made? Also, what can he do to protect himself from the onslaught of vaccines and the flu shot the military gives?
We have been exposed to toxic black mold (aspergillus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys). Can you recommend a detox path?
I have a forward head, hunched shoulders, and swayback bad posture as well as brain fog, arrhythmias, anxiety, arthritis, osteopenia, and Hashimoto’s. I am also underweight. Can I improve my posture and other issues with exercises to strengthen my neck and back muscles?
I have gastroparesis and weight gain. I also have EPI “they think”. Anyone else with similar issues? What has helped?
My feet hurt after walking for a while. My second toe keeps swelling up and my big toe is crossing behind it. They said the cartilage is gone. I am 72 yrs. young
Fear of being injected with toxic and invasive shot/s. I’m 75 and I don’t want to be forced into anything. I’m very healthy now.