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This is from Atom Bergstrom’s post on his FB page. How did I learn about Yellow Fat Disease? There were no books about it when I first heard the name. Ray Peat mentioned it during an interview. I thought, “What the heck is that?” so I did a Google Search and was quickly sucked down the rabbit hole. Per se, Yellow Fat Disease is also called Age 50 Effect, Black Kidney, Blue Kidney, Bovine Renal Lipofuscinosis (BRL), Brown Atrophy of Neuronia, Brown Atrophy of the Heart, Brown Atrophy of the Liver, Brown Fat Disease, Brown Heart Disease, Cardiac Necrosis, Cumulative Lipofuscinosis, Embryonic Death Syndrome (from a mother’s use of omega 3s), Fatty Necrosis, Granulomatous Fat Necrosis, Granulomatous Steatitis, Hepatic Dietetica, Hepatic Steatosis, Lipofuscinosis, Lipogranulomatosis, Necrotizing Granulomatous Steatitis, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, etc. This is why Justin is not taking fish oil
Alopecia. 2 years ago I started losing my hair… it got to the point that I had to shave my head and now I no longer have to because I lost most of it. I’ve dealt with random bouts of alopecia throughout my life. I’ve only had two other occasions where it was severe and that was in 4th and 12th grade… I didn’t care in 4th grade and I had a very short buzz cut in 12th grade to deal with it (I also colored in the bald spots… it was a hassle). It usually grows back, especially when I don’t think about it. Well, it’s been almost 2 years and it still hasn’t grown back! I have just a tiny patch that never fell out… I’ve tried everything… it started with dandruff, which turned to Seborrhoeic dermatitis, which. made my hair very “straw-like” and oily and turned into telogen effluvium. help
Blood Tests, which ones? I am going in for my first doctor visit in 4 years in March. This is insurance mandated and I am curious. What blood panels should I request so the doctor can full fill their obligation to try and get me on meds. In the past, I worked myself off all meds and I want to stay there. I do not remember the specific names for the blood work. I also have been on Keto since Christmas. So the question is “what blood panels should I request “above the standard doctor requested” to help me with my health effort? I remember Dr. Bergman saying something about “if you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it”. btw, I did have Hep A back in the 80s and it put me in bed for 6 months. My liver is always a concern.
Hypercalcemia, sarcoidosis, major organ damage. Symptoms: Hypercalcaemia, Sarcoidosis (lungs), Multiple major organ damage: Liver, Kidneys, Bladder Lungs. Hospitalized for 5 days in March 2020. Dropped to 119 lbs – optimum 154 lbs. Struggling to breathe especially under load. Feeling very unwell, dry prolonged cough, urinary urgency, wheezing, muscle atrophy, sleep dysfunction, brain fog. Unable to work.
Lifestyle to lead-up – regular chiropractic visits, organic food, juicing, and blending. Intramax, Restore, Vitamins D3 10 IU’s Daily, K2, Magnesium, Vit C 1000mg daily, Lugols Iodine 2 drops, Dr. Schultze lung tonic + echinacea, Berkey water, yoga, non-toxic toiletries, and more. Also, good fitness levels
Prescribed medications since hospitalization: prednisolone steroid, hydroxychloroquine, Omeprazole PPI, Accrete D3
Most of what I had done up to hospitalization has not worked and I became progressively sicker no matter what.
I would like to get healthy and off all meds.
Dizziness for 5 months
Since August, I have been experiencing dizziness, mainly on my left side on the front of my head is where I feel it most.
Out walking, I feel as if I’m continually having to try and balance myself and it’s worse when I’m in the car and I feel as if I’m been drawn forward on the left side on the front of my forehead/face.
I’ve seen an optician who changed my prescription slightly for reading glasses and was also sent to the ENT consultant by my doctor to have my ears checked. The consultant checked my hearing, looked inside my ears, and said it could be viral and would probably fizzle out!
I’ve had Chiropractic for the last 2 years, he’s taken X-rays and is working on a loss of curve in my neck, I have a slight exaggeration with a curve at the bottom of my spine, occasional lower back pain, and my pelvis has some instability.
I haven’t ever experienced dizziness before and had been feeling pretty well. I hadn’t had any chiropractic treatment since December 2019 due to some lockdowns in the UK but I went back for treatment in August 2020. A few days after treatment, I felt dizziness when out walking and it hasn’t gone away since it’s now 5 months. I’m sweating a lot which seems to be more than just menopausal, I’m 53.
The sweating seems to be very pronounced on the back of my hands (not palms) and up the forearms as well as the inside of my arms (another side of my elbow areas) also the back of my knees, back of the neck, and forehead. Not sure, but it’s as if the imbalance is making me sweat and my body is desperately trying to right itself and having to work harder to do it.
I told the Chiropractor this and he is working on C1? I get some relief on the day of chiropractic the next day I’m worse, subsides a bit, but doesn’t go away. This has been the pattern.
I have a good organic diet, do yoga and walk, supplement with Vit D3 and K2, take magnesium, 2 drops Lugols iodine/day, take Mercola full spectrum enzymes and also take Intramax. Good protocols on nontoxic toiletries etc.
I would really appreciate your help as this is driving me nuts. I’m sure if I wasn’t experiencing the dizziness that I would feel well.
Addiction heroin injection. My friend wants to quit using heroin. he suffers from depression So he started this. Everyone wants him to quit but he is allergic to taking any prescription due to the damage it caused. He had been addicted for two years and a half now,
I read many things online saying multivitamins will be ideal or mega-dose vitamin c or magnesium but I just don’t know where to start.
I don’t think he should go cold turkey. He got in a bad crowd many years ago and he really is a good kind person but just lost and used to be hopeless but we all want to support him. He keeps saying he wants to get off it slowly over time without the supplements. There is one pill he can easily get but he said he has been on it before but it does not help it just blocks the heroine.
Big Berkey Has anyone purchased the Big Berkey Water filter? I am thinking of buying it. Any comments gladly received.
my wife is currently going through menopause.
Is there any way she can naturally replace the estrogen in the body to stop vaginal atrophy?
Are there non-surgical solutions/treatments for chronic vein insufficiency?
Covid. My husband and kids had the covid in October 2019- January 2020. I thought it was an unusually aggressive flu. My left lung was constantly hurting. My family and I experienced trouble breathing. I had everyone do anything we could. Kyolic garlic with immune support supplements, enemas, tea tree oil baths. Shocked when the term Covid-19 surfaced. I feel we beat it. We have not gotten tested for antibodies. However, since then (for a year+), mild chest pain has never gone away completely. It’s always my left lung. I’m on lemon water, oregano oil, green tea, gargling Himalayan salt water, humidifier with a tea tree. I am also doing the Mopa machine (rife ) As soon as I slack off, chest pain comes back. I’m waiting for all this craziness to calm down to get checked. But boy I have been waiting more than a year now. I welcome any suggestions, please.
Drop toe and MRI doesn’t tell dr why. Two years ago while stretching, knee bent, foot up my bum, then, a pop, and something in my shin gave way like an ancient, worn-out piece of elastic. Had an MRI, dr says “I dunno, can’t tell what that was. How much does it hurt?”. Useless for sure. I had heard a small pop in the ankle before, didn’t give it much thought as cracking joints is not unusual. Doing triangle in yoga, right hip would always do that. No pain though. He thinks I’m making this up. No, my issue is decidedly lack of mobility. Any idea what happened? Did Tendon pull? Muscle? Nerve? Now the whole leg from knee down has very little strength, my balance is shot, and both legs get very cold. maybe since I can’t walk a lot, and last year I had a little heart event. Not heart attack, arteries clear. So how do I improve blood flow to legs and feet?
Keto disaster foods? I am doing Keto and I like the results. I am the recipient of my parents’ 1930’s depression-era experience. We always had enough food for at least a month in case there was no food available in the local economy. It came in handy a few times in my childhood and when I was a young man living in countries that were prone to natural and man-made disasters. After I started Keto I realized that most of my stored disaster food is beans, rice, and fermented veggies. Do you have any advice/thoughts for long-term Keto disaster food? I would like to maintain my current food reserve for a month with no fridge. I have ideas but don’t want to reinvent the wheel.
Rare abdominal pain after an incident. Background: I’ve been doing liver cleanses and colonics for years. No med’s for years as well.
Years ago I got stabbed in the gut. After recovering, I’d get terrible abdomen pain sometimes. Throwing up sometimes worked but other times I’d go to the ER just to be numbed. I met a naturopath. After doing a stool test, he found 2 infections (or parasites). He put me on many supplements (1 being uva ursi). After I finished all supplements, I did another stool test and the infections were gone! That was about 2015-16. I was pain-free until this week. The pain felt like it was above and below my navel. Questions: Anything I can do to remedy this or calm the inflammation? Or prevent future abdomen pain?
Any reason why this is happening?
I have been researching on the EHA website and other places about “HEMORRHOIDS”. My research found that liver health is the main culprit. Bring the liver around to full health, the body will repair HEMORRHOIDS. There are topicals like garlic cloves but these are not full cures. I would prefer no surgery as my first choice.
Can you provide any information that I can use in my quest to say goodbye to HEMORRHOIDS? I am starting 2021 with a low carb/good fat and lots of vegetable diet. Christmas is gone, no more sugars, no booze, and the motorcycles are in winter storage