Ask Dr. B – January 2020


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What would cause my 71 year young husband’s hands to be cold all the time? Any suggestions?
What’s your opinion on getting regular Thai massages to help with osteoarthritis of the hip?
We have a grounding sheet on our bed we also have a magnetic mattress pad. How close should they be to our body and skin?
5 months ago something bit me in my right third toe. It’s been red, swollen and tender since then. Any help?
It seems my lower part of the neck has scoliosis. I get episodes of stabbing pain in the upper back while walking. Having pain when eating too. Can my spine be corrected?
One of my leg is shorter what looks to have caused this and how do I fix it?
Can you explain the clinical significance of leg length discrepancies? Any effect of Prozac on developing human?
What supplements will replace taking eliquis (aka Apixaban)?
Eye hemorrhage of conjunctiva caused by cancer/leukemia. Looking for help to correct this problem.
Fungal skin problems. I’ve got a jock itch problem that reoccurred in the same area for over a year. I was using anti-fungal creams prescribed by my doctor.
Fybromyalgia and trigger points. What is the best way to get rid of fybromyalgia permanently?
Radiation recovery. What is the best course to protect and remove radiation from the body during and after radiation treatment for cancer?
Exposure to mold, trash and chemicals. Candida problems. Hypersensitivity.
What causes polycystic organs and is there anything that can be done to get rid of the cyst? My daughter and I have them on our kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas and it’s causing her pain.
My wife has multiple cysts on her kidneys. She lives a very healthy lifestyle and has this for years. Does it effect her blood pressure? What can be done?
My son has kidney pain. The specialist stated this kidney cannot intake as much as normal. What can be done?
I’m 57 and my teeth are literally falling out. What’s interesting none of the teeth with mercury fillings are falling out. Do I have gum disease or bone loss problem?
Snapping hip syndrome. My right hip joint snaps, pops interiorly, internally any time I flex my hip. Any suggestions for the actual rehab?
Any suggestions for exercises or other treatments to help with Baker’s cyst?
My daughter was mistreated with malaria and later developed arthritis in her late twenties. She has immobilizing pain in her muscles. What do you advise to put her back on a healthy track?
What can cause someone been on a low carb diet to be hungry even when full? I’ve had this on any diet and non diet all my life.
I need to heal myself from breast fibroid I’ve been diagnosed with 15 years ago. Lately I’ve got a lot of inflammation and I can feel a little ball inside my 2 breast.
I’ve got brown spots all over my face but big spots on both cheeks. I’ve always taken care of myself and I’ve used all kinds of peels to remove the spots. Nothing worked for me even a very deep cleansing. Please help me.
Could there be a natural cure for bladder cancer likely caused by Cesium radiation treatment?
Scalp psoriasis, overactive thyroid, giant ovarian cyst, hair loss, rigid nails, leg, back and feet pain, numbness and tingling, bloating and wind. Do you see any connection between all these adaptations of my body?
Would You and Justin consider hosting a retreat at a New Mexico clinic for Extreme Health members? Socializing with sympathizers and smart people could be a very enlightening experience.
I’m not a big fan of X Rays since it causes radiation, cancer and can accumulate in the body. Is it worth risking it?
I’ve got an excessive throat drainage for the last 3 months and now starting to get earaches. Thanks for your help.